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Ufomammut, Monolord, Morag Tong – London The Garage 28/9/19

Everyone moans about an early curfew at a gig, when deep down they’re glad they’ll be home in time to watch Family Guy and fast asleep by midnight – that’s looking to be the case this evening, until Desertscene announce… Continue Reading →

Wolverine, Oddland and Until Rain – London Garage 27/4/17

There’s a form I sometimes have to fill in which has three categories: preparation time, travel time and time to deliver the activity. Quite apart from the fact that in my old eyes you deliver coal or milk, not activity,… Continue Reading →

Haken, Special Providence and Arkentype – London Garage 26/5/16

The prospect of seeing three different types of prog band was enticing. The Garage at Highbury is one my favourite venues, so the signs were good. I very much looked forward to this evening. First on was Arkentype from Norway…. Continue Reading →

The Gentle Storm & Stream Of Passion – London Garage 23/4/15

I did rather swear when this gig was announced as I realised it was the same night as Prong in London. Well you can’t be in two places at once and it was really no contest as I had never… Continue Reading →

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