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Power From Hell – Profound Evil Presence (High Roller)

Blackened Thrash from Brazil given the Fenriz thumbs up. Power From Hell have slapped on their corpse paint and strapped on the spikes to let rip with some orange squeezing , head snapping horrors. This is their 6th album in 18… Continue Reading →

1914 – The Blind Leading The Blind (Redefining Darkness / Archaic Sound Records)

1914 are a death metal band from the Ukraine that have been around since 2014 and it’ll come as no surprise that a band named 1914 like to write songs about the Great War. What kind of songs? Fucking good… Continue Reading →

Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – You Will Burn (From Beyond Records)

Off to Selkirk in Scotland for a slab of discontent via the descriptively named Razor Sharp Death Blizzard which in my mind brings a vision of a bunch of neds going at each other with all manner of lethal implements…. Continue Reading →

Parasit – A Proud Tradition of Stupidity (Cyclone Empire)

With recent releases by Extreme Noise Terror and Discharge – both blinding albums GO GET EM! – I was itching to get my ears around this bunch of brutality from Swedish D Beat Crusties Parasit. The band, formed in 2010… Continue Reading →

Discharge – End Of Days (Nuclear Blast)

So 40 years of punk eh? What a crock of shit all the “celebrations” have been to commemorate it all. Punk was never met to be acceptable and the people behind it were never supposed to be accepted by the… Continue Reading →

Sarke – Bogefod (Indie)

It’s been a couple of years since Aruagint was released and “Jaunt of the Obsessed” and “Strange Pungent Odyssey” are still getting an airing through my speakers. As such I was pleasantly surprised when Bogefod landed in my inbox. As… Continue Reading →

The Casualties – Chaos Sound (Season of Mist)

I am ashamed to say that I always overlooked The Casualties. I think I used to see them as an American cartoon version of my fave homegrown bands. More fool me! These New Yorkers don’t give a fuck about the… Continue Reading →

Violentor – Maniacs (GFY Productions)

So here we have the latest offering from Italian filthmongers Violentor, for those unfamiliar Violentor are a shamelessly old school thrash/punk crossover band. I will never forget, I came across this band’s stuff for the first time when playing an… Continue Reading →

Womit Angel – Holy Goatse (Inverse)

Black Metal Punk from Finland. Now those five words have either sent you scuttling off to the next review or have piqued your interest.  I played a track from this album “Nailgun Crucified” on The MattCave this week during the… Continue Reading →

The Casualties – Resistance (Season Of Midst)

I don’t get much punk to listen to these days, but when I do and when its the real stuff, punk-as-fuck like The Casualties rather than college rock with hair gel it is usually a pleasure and Resistance I’m happy… Continue Reading →

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