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The Entity – Sidney J. Furie (Eureka)

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s with a really unhealthy fascination in the supernatural; ghosts, hauntings and things that generally made very loud bumps in the night, meant being really caught between a rock and a hard place. It… Continue Reading →

Stigmata – Rupert Wainwright (Eureka)

I have fond memories of this as it was actually one of the first of those new-fangled DVD’s I remember picking up. No doubt I was late to the game as I didn’t want to let go of those lovely… Continue Reading →

Necrophagia – Whiteworm Cathedral (Season Of Mist)

Well this album has been a real horror story for Killjoy and his shock troops. Whiteworm Cathedral should have been out a couple of years ago but has been held up in litigation hell. Finally though it is time for… Continue Reading →

The Visitor – Giulio Paradisi (Arrow)

It’s not so common that I have the pleasure of watching a film of this kind from this era for the very first time but be assured The Visitor is anything but a common experience. I had been eyeing this… Continue Reading →

Winter In Eden – Echoes Of Betrayal (Lycan Records)

We had a quick listen to a couple of tracks of this when we were offered it amongst the hundreds of download reviews we get pitched each month and thought “nah it’s a little too Eurovision,” for comfort. A while… Continue Reading →

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