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Morte Lune – Temple of Flesh (Purity through Fire)

From Cumbria comes black metal and dark ambience. This is the band’s first EP, after the previous release of a demo and participation in a split called “Cumbrian Metal Part 1”. There is pedigree in the trio, with representation in… Continue Reading →

My Silent Wake – There Was Death (Minotauro)

Whilst it’s normally the cold North of Yorkshire a band like this would permeate from My Silent Wake hail from Somerset, down south. An understated outfit, they have been going since 2005 and have released 10 studio albums to date… Continue Reading →

Ironclad – Alchemy And Chaos (S/R)

For some reason the name Ironclad makes me think of some sort of dodgy Italian post-apocalypse or medieval battle type movie (anyone remember Hearts And Armour?). It’s a name forged in steel from a time where gangs of people roamed… Continue Reading →

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