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Dool – Summerland (Prophecy)

It’s true that there is not a huge amount to look forward to at the moment and we have to take the pleasures where we can. Thank goodness for music and this is something that I and no doubt anyone… Continue Reading →

Sterling Serpent – Sterling Serpent (Ván)

Comprised of members of Bell Witch, King Dude, Serpentent, and Terminal Fuzz Terror, Sterling Serpent is already well acquainted with the world of gothic Americana and neo folk, while being all too familiar with the art of all things slow… Continue Reading →

Dool – Love Like Blood (Prophecy)

I think it is fair to say that a follow up to Dool’s debut album Here Now, There Then which arrived early 2017 is highly anticipated. It was a magical album and definitely touched a lot of hearts with its… Continue Reading →

Urfaust – The Constellatory Practice (Van)

You could probably argue that almost all genres of Metal are endlessly dynamic and come with a massive array of sub-genre tags, which is probably what makes the genre as a whole so enticing. However if we are looking for… Continue Reading →

Skan – Death Crown (Van Records)

‘Death Crown’ opens up with an eerie intro, knocks, and screeches a plenty, which all builds to an anticipatory feeling that surrounds the release from this American blackened death crew. Skan then launch into the album proper, and deliver us… Continue Reading →

Crone – Godspeed (Prophecy)

Whoa ok, I have been listening to this a lot over the last week or so and felt like I had channeled the inner essence of some of the songs on it as far as the dark subject matter was… Continue Reading →

Death Alley – Superbia (Century Media)

Retro rock is being churned out like seaside rock in a sweetie factory in mainland Europe these days. It just depends whether Sabbath or Jefferson Airplane is written through the middle.  It either floats your tie dyed boat or it doesn’t…. Continue Reading →

Dool – London Bodo’s Schloss 8/3/17

I had been lucky enough to get an invite along to this Dutch industry showcase and had not really intended to cover as the bands only had a 25 minute slot and three of them (Navarone, Paceshifters and Amber Arcade)… Continue Reading →

GOLD – Optimist (Vàn)

I really appreciated the originality of GOLD’s previous album “No Image”, which mixed a gothic darkwave style with strong song structures. So too “Optimist” is dark and sinister. Hypnotising and moody rhythms, shadowy sounds and a haunting female vocal line… Continue Reading →

Dool – Here Now, There Then (Prophecy Productions)

Dutch band Dool (apparently it means ‘wander’) have coalesced around ex- The Devil’s Blood bassist and drummer Job van de Zande and Micha Haringfrom respectively. As such they unavoidably bring a certain amount of baggage with them for me as… Continue Reading →

GOLD – No Image (Vàn)

GOLD’s mission statement is to “play a distinct form of heavy rock as a monument to civilisation’s decline”. This follow-up to their first album “Interbellum” is much more than heavy rock. “No Image” should really be called “A Multitude of… Continue Reading →

Lucifer – Lucifer I (Rise Above)

Lucifer is the new band formed by vocalist Johanna Sadonis after the break up of her previous outfit The Oath in 2014. After one single release earlier in the year (the Black Sabbath-fan baiting ‘Anubis’), the first full-length album comes… Continue Reading →

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