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Caronte – Wolves of Thelema (Van Records)

Italian doom singing about deeply occult themes? Yeah, go on then, I’m in. I haven’t listened to any Italian bands in a really, really long time – not for any reason other than I haven’t really had the opportunity to…. Continue Reading →

My Silent Wake – There Was Death (Minotauro)

Whilst it’s normally the cold North of Yorkshire a band like this would permeate from My Silent Wake hail from Somerset, down south. An understated outfit, they have been going since 2005 and have released 10 studio albums to date… Continue Reading →

Rotting Kingdom – S/T (Godz Ov War)

A bit of a quicky for y’all with this one, a three track EP from Kentucky’s Rotting Kingdom. Actually, I say “quicky”, but with the shortest of these tracks being six minutes long, and the other two weighing in at… Continue Reading →

The King Is Blind – We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer (Calva Records)

I’ll be the first to admit that I only gave this a listen because it features a track with Karl Willetts on vocals. But I am certainly glad that I did, as the concept album that is ‘We Are The… Continue Reading →

Mourners Lament – We All Be Given (Hammerheart Records)

So, I placed a bid with Thee Editor to review this album, as I had reviewed an earlier album of theirs some years ago. Or rather, as it turned out, I hadn’t – I’d in fact reviewed another crew entirely,… Continue Reading →

Saturnus – Saturn in Ascension (Cyclone Empire)

As an early declaration of interest, I should say that I have more than a little love for Danish heavy metal. The Danes are less well known than their Scandinavian cousins when it comes to heavy metal, but truth be… Continue Reading →

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