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The Birthday Massacre

The Black Capes – All These Monsters (Dark Tunes)

I used to DJ a few goth clubs back in the day, most of them had a strict “No Metal” policy, so it was always fun to see what I could get away with on the playlists in the midst… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Imagica (Metropolis)

It wasn’t until 2007 album ‘Walking With Strangers’ that I got my first encounter with Canadian gothic synth-pop act The Birthday Massacre. Right back in time, before this they had started out no doubt inspired by a certain Clive Barker… Continue Reading →

Gravastar – Genetic Genesis (S/R)

Futuristic New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal on this debut album from Greek band Gravastar is what we are promised here. There are definite industrial tones and spacey feelings straight off as this sets in and prepares to drag us… Continue Reading →

Hounds – Begin Transmission 2 (S/R)

I caught Hounds opening for Killing Joke back in March 2013 and found their somewhat brash and pumping electro beats suitable entertainment before the main event. This EP turned up complete with a Killing Joke cover and a 3 disc… Continue Reading →

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