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Cadaveria / Necrodeath – Mondoscuro (Black Tears)

Cadaveria (herself) and Flegias of Necrodeath have worked together since the early 90’s when they were involved in cult Italian act Opera IX. They both left that band in 2001 stripping it of most of its identity in the process…. Continue Reading →

Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre (Spinefarm)

We just need to be clear from the outset – Purson’s sophomore effort, “Desire’s Magic Theatre” is not a heavy metal record. However, what we must also be clear about is that this is a work that will appeal to… Continue Reading →

Lewis and the Strange Magics – Velvet Skin (Soulseller)

Lewis and the Strange Magics are in musical style a classic psychedelic rock band from Spain. It is evident from listening to this album that the late 1960s and early 1970s had an influence on their sound with the crusty… Continue Reading →

Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic (Metal Blade)

My most recent encounter with Between the Buried and Me was via a guest appearance by the vocalist Tommy Rogers on Abnormal Thought Patterns’s latest album. That didn’t work for me but the thing with this band, whose seventh album… Continue Reading →

Mörglbl – Tea Time for Pünks (The Lasers Edge)

Never judge a book by its cover. Three French men dressed as ladies with punk hair styles, a Union Jack and a picture of Big Ben present a mixed scene. At one point there’s a drunken rendition of the Beatles’s… Continue Reading →

Uhrijuhla – Jokainen on Vapaa Lintu (Svart)

A lady sings a Finnish folk song. The soft vocals continue and are accompanied by a hypnotic rhythm. “Salaseura” is slow, steady and calming. It is deep and melancholic. Uhrijuhla, whose name means “Sacrificial Feast” and is inspired by the… Continue Reading →

John Bassett – Unearth (Stereohead Records)

On the same day that I received this album to review, I read in one of those quirky surveys you find in the Metro free newspaper that Hastings is the place in the UK where the residents are the most… Continue Reading →

Messenger – Illusory Blues (Svart)

Oh hell. There are some times your role sucks and this is one of mine. The problem comes when you get an album to review from a respected record company, with the PR sheet waxing lyrical and philosophical and great… Continue Reading →

King Bathmat – Overcoming the Monster (Stereohead Records)

In the world of psychedelic and imaginative progressive rock, King Bathmat reigns supreme. That was the conclusion I reached after listening to “Truth Button”. Now, 6 months later, this English quartet is back with “Overcoming the Monster”. The monster, to… Continue Reading →

King Bathmat – Truth Button (Stereohead Records)

I go along with the commonly held view that King Bathmat are impossible to place in one single category other than the all-embracing “progressive”. Their music is comfortingly familiar. “Truth Button”, King Bathmat’s sixth album, is like a relaxing river… Continue Reading →

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