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Thanatos – Violent Death Rituals (Listenable)

In the midst of recent times has there ever been a more apt soundtrack than Death Metal? The whole world appears plunged into perhaps the closest thing to a zombie apocalypse this earth is ever likely to see. Although truth… Continue Reading →

Infidel Reich – Reichenstein (Helter Skelter Productions)

Working class Death Metal”. “Political correctness must come to an end” Time has come to balance the scales” So say Infidel Reich an SJW baiting band from both sides of the Atlantic. Archeron founder and vocalist Vincent Crowley and ex Asphyx… Continue Reading →

Siege Of Power – Warning Blast (Metal Blade)

I’d been looking forward to this!! Siege Of Power have just unleashed what is probably the most aptly titled debut album of the year with “Warning Blast”. Who is Siege Of Power? Well my young Padawan….allow me to enlighten you…. Continue Reading →

Bodyfarm – Battle Breed (Cyclone Empire)

Dutch old school death metallers Bodyfarm are back with their third album ‘Battle Breed’. Their previous one – 2013’s ‘The Coming Scourge – was an impressive introduction for this listener, displaying a range of moods and punishing compositions to revel… Continue Reading →

Embrional – The Devil Inside (Old Temple)

Another wicked discovery here! Embrional are an intense death metal band from Gliwice, Poland and have been laying down some misanthropic, Satanic slabs of evil since their first demo in 2006. ‘The Devil Inside’ is their second full length and… Continue Reading →

Chapel Of Disease – The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art (FDA Rekotz)

2012’s debut ‘Summoning Black Gods’ was an absolute smasher and now the German death metal crew are back with another killer record ‘The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art’. On this album the band have clearly matured and have developed a… Continue Reading →

Thanatos – Global Purification (Century Media)

Thanatos are a proper death metal band. How proper? Well, they were arguably the FIRST extreme metal band from The Netherlands and since 1984 have been producing some of the most consistently brutal, thrashing, death metal albums that have come… Continue Reading →

Interview – Hail Of Bullets

Having set their sights on Russia, Japan and North Africa most recently, it was now time for Ave Noctum to fall in the firing line of Hail Of Bullets’ immense armoury. Rather than the blood, shit and severed limbs which… Continue Reading →

Bodyfarm – The Coming Scourge (Cyclone Empire)

The name Bodyfarm first appeared on my radar with last year’s ‘Malevolence’ debut. As I still haven’t heard that one in its entirety, ‘The Coming Scourge’ popped up as an interesting opportunity to get to know the band a lot… Continue Reading →

Interview – Entrapment

Having just released his blistering debut album, Entrapment’s Michel Jonker kindly offered to talk to Ave Noctum about his band, its influences and the death metal genre in general. Based on the crazed lunatic evident on his album, ‘The Obscurity… Continue Reading →

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