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Buy Jupiter – Eclipse (Apathia Records)

Heavy, violent, technical … so begins this four track EP from French metallers Buy Jupiter. It may be trying to kill me with overpowering force, but it’s dynamic and I’m loving it. Djenty heavy tech death give way to a… Continue Reading →

UK Tech-Fest, Newark Showground, Saturday 8th July 2017

UK Tech-Fest is always an event to look forward to with its interesting variety of international bands, a great atmosphere and organisers who think of everything, including a fine selection of real ales. AveNoctum’s John Skibeat (JS) and Andrew Doherty… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe, 30th September, 1st and 2nd October, JC Sjiwa Club, Baarlo, Netherlands

Once again I’ll try and describe some highlights of this five star festival, which Rene Janssen and his team put on for our annual entertainment and delight. The plan changed this year as Mrs D and I decided that instead… Continue Reading →

Tardive Dyskinesia – Harmonic Confusion (Playfalse Records)

Chances are that despite their 10-year existence and their recent UK Tech-Fest performance, you may still not have heard of this lot. Judging by the amount of sparks that are flying off the Greek metallers’ latest full-length and their peers’… Continue Reading →

Textures – Phenotype (Nuclear Blast)

Dutch goliaths Textures are rapidly building quite a reputation for quality songwriting. Following the instant success of debut album Polars they have gone on to build quite the back catalogue. All that culminated in their finest work-to-date, 2011’s polyrhythmic genre-morphing… Continue Reading →

Koen Herfst – Back To Balance (Not To Do Records)

A solo album by Dew Scented’s drummer Koen Herfst – a solo album by a Metal Drummer! Yes indeed – Prepare yourselves readers for a review full of Flams and Paradiddles (or indeed standard Diddles!). We can analyse Rim Shots,… Continue Reading →

The Arisen – Rising Times (Autoproduction)

This seven track ep is the debut release from The Arisen who hail from France. If I were to pin down a single word to describe “Rising Times”, based on my first listen, it would be “difficult”. That can be… Continue Reading →

Izah – Sistere (Nordvis)

This Dutch sextet’s promo blurb describes their debut as a “72-minute long musical narration through darkness and light, hope and despair”. Within they pummel the listener with a combination of sludge-packed crush, barren post-hardcore and black metal affectations before soothing… Continue Reading →

Oestre – La Dernière Renaissance (Manitou Music)

Reinvented electronic metal is the description I read about the music of this band from France. Essentially this is lively modern metal with tributes paid to Meshuggah, Textures and unsurprisingly Oestre’s compatriots Gojira and Hacride. Industrial noises, thunderous roars and… Continue Reading →

Periphery – Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal (Century Media/Sumerian)

Meshuggah-worship comes in many forms. Front of the queue, bowl in hand, was a young Misha Mansoor. Naturally, he went on to start his personal project, Bulb, and form the band Periphery and the kind of math-heavy, palm-muted power chords… Continue Reading →

Mencea – Pyrophoric (Indie Recordings)

If this album really is pyrophoric it could, as I understand it, spontaneously ignite, so I’d better be pretty sharpish writing this review, hadn’t I? Straight down to business then. Greece’s Mencea are the death metal tipping point where complex… Continue Reading →

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