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Uneven Structure – Paragon (Longbranch/SPV)

One of the things that we, as heavy rock/metal music fans, often enjoy is the dense sea of different genres that encompass the music we love. There seems not to be a niche untouched, a style not overturned, an approach… Continue Reading →

Monuments – Phronesis (Century Media)

Cards on the table up front: this isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’ll save the lecture on the merits of a subgenre that essentially steals the best bits of Meshuggah and At The Gates for another time. Moving… Continue Reading →

Vanora – Momentum (Crime Records)

I’m not especially a fan of TesseracT or Meshuggah, who are quoted as a reference point for this band from Norway. I suppose it’s handy to have a reference point to attract potential interest, but what counts is the creativity… Continue Reading →

The Advent Equation – Limitless Life Reflections (Self-released)

My love for technically-demanding modern metal means I often found myself writing words that might convince those browsing the web that I am concocting some magnificent, scientific conundrum. In the past, I have come across albums by The Omega Experiment,… Continue Reading →

The Omega Experiment – The Omega Experiment (Listenable Records)

Recently, a small progressive rock grenade went off on bandcamp. It happened when The Omega Experiment digitally self-released their debut album and, as word spread, Listenable Records’ interest was piqued and a deal was inked. A few months down the… Continue Reading →

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