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Lustre – Still Innocence (Nordvis)

If I’ve read this right, this album is an antidote to the valueless world we live in, and a return to a world of innocence, if such a thing existed of course. The therefore appropriately titled “Still Innocence” is Sweden’s… Continue Reading →

JoDöden – Sittandes i sjön med vatten över huvudet (Nordvis Produktion)

When I came across a site called Depressive Visions, which featured this work, it gave more than a clue what to expect. The gentleman behind this ambient, nature-driven work is from Sweden, and what is evident is that through his… Continue Reading →

Byrdi – Ansur : Urkraft (Troll Music)

Raise your horns, light the camp fire and blend with nature! If you like traditional songs in Norwegian, Byrdi is your world. Folk-tribal drums, acoustic guitars and epic vocals emitted with crystal clarity covers it but this is far too… Continue Reading →

Sawlegen – Stories from an Old Empire (Haarbn)

This album was composed and released in 2007, and here it is again. The calm ambience which opens up “Stories from an Old Empire” and the two acoustic cover tracks of Sawlegen’s own songs at the end give the album… Continue Reading →

Shroud of Despondency – Tied To A Dying Animal (S/R)

Having formed a good fifteen years ago as the solo project of Rory Heikkila, it’s only been recently that Shroud of Despondency became prolific with full length albums (having turned into a fully-fledged band around 2011-ish). This is the band’s… Continue Reading →

[òwt krì] – The New Seed (Alrealon Musique)

The thing about droning ambiance is that it plays in the mind of the listener, at least those who want to listen. It helps if the composer fuels the imagination, and Finland’s Kenneth K manages to do this with this… Continue Reading →

Vali – Skogslandskap (Prophecy)

Ulver’s 1996 album ‘Kveldsanger’ has a lot to answer for if you ask me. By the mid-nineties, the concept of black metal bands adding delicate acoustic interludes or introductions to their albums was nothing new, artists quickly cottoning onto the… Continue Reading →

Lebensnacht – Syskyn Kuoleminen (Naturmacht Productions)

Nature, and man’s struggle with it, has always been a theme for black metal artists, especially those from Finland and Norway. Although the title, which roughly translates as “Autumn Dying”, is in Finnish, the artist behind this is a German… Continue Reading →

Sammal – ST (Svart Records)

Five normal looking gentleman stand in front of a bare tree in contrast to the colourful cover artwork of this album, whose shape could be a pattern which you would paint as a child and fold over to create symmetry…. Continue Reading →

Kontinuum – Earth Blood Magic (Candlelight Records)

Iceland’s Kontinuum are an interesting band, starting in 2001 as an experimental metal project mixing doom, punk and dark atmospheric metal. The project expanded in 2010, and with the additional of a musician from a hardcore band and the recognition… Continue Reading →

The Chant – A Healing Place (Lifeforce Records)

There are a number of adjectives I could apply to describe this work by The Chant from Finland– to start let’s go for calm, dreamy, atmospheric, sinister and progressive. Played in a post-rock style with a great deal of colour,… Continue Reading →

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