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Portal, Impetuous Ritual, Grave Miasma and QRIXKUOR – London Nambucca 31/5/15

It’s off to a recently refurbished Nambucca tonight and the venue looks a lot better than it used to with much more room in it. Still it was never going to be enough for the London debut of Australian’s Portal… Continue Reading →

Temples Festival – Bristol Motion 3-4/5/14

Day 2 Sat 3rd May  Well this was an odd day for me I’m afraid. Good intentions had gone out of the window and distracted by Bristol we arrived late for… well the first half I’m afraid. Still, for me… Continue Reading →

Temples Festival – Bristol Motion 2/5/14

Being only half on duty this is more a snapshot than detailed band by band review but hopefully it will give you a flavour of the fun we all had. The festival itself deserves a review too though as it… Continue Reading →

Interview – Conan

Ah, Conan. Lords of heaviness and thunder. With Blood Eagle still pounding in our ears, and gigs on the way, we managed to grab a little email time with guitarist/vocalist Jon Davis and took stock of what the view looks… Continue Reading →

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