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Çub – Ouais (Atypeek Music)

More deranged nuttiness from Atypeek and actually 3 other labels who are releasing this in collaboration with them. This French lot were one that I approached with caution as their music is described as math rock which I can’t really… Continue Reading →

Gruzja – I Iść Dalej (Godz Ov War)

And welcome to one of those reviews where the writer stumbles around in the dark trying to make sense of something in a total alien language to them. Work cut out a bit but there is one thing that cannot… Continue Reading →

Mutoid Waste Company – Punkx – London Granary Square 4/6/16

Legendary performance arts collective The Mutoid Waste Company have been around since the early 80’s and there is a good chance that if you have been on the festival scene you will have wondered if you were seeing things when… Continue Reading →

Arkhe – A (S/R)

Arkhe main man András Nagy has produced some decent black metal with his main band Sear Bliss. So it was intriguing to see how that might translate into another project which promised to be drawn up from a blank sheet…. Continue Reading →

Surgical Meth Machine: S/T (Nuclear Blast)

Back in late December 2012, long time partner in crime of Al Jourgensen Mike Scaccia sadly passed away and this was what would be the second tolling of the death bell for Ministry after their initial disbanding back in 2009…. Continue Reading →

Mortiis- The Great Deceiver (Omnipresence)

Old pointy nose is back! Mortiis and friends return after a 5 year hiatus and he has even released a statement that the goblin mask is coming out of mothballs.  Good because this glorious electro industrial pop metal record deserves… Continue Reading →

Kiss The Hobo – Абсолютно ненужные коннотации (S/R)

Imbecile metal / avant-garde grindcore from Russia anyone? Well you are in the right place for that here! Maybe not as prolific as the likes of Rogga Johansson or Vardan but if I had to pick a third musician who… Continue Reading →

Zardonic – Anti Hero (Eone Entertainment)

You might find Zardonic in the “World” section of your local record outlet but it’s unlikely. Here’s US based Venezuelan keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer with a specialist field of heavy electronic dance music with a worldwide reputation and… Continue Reading →

Diabolicum – Ia Pazuzu (Code666)

Fourteen years after their last full-length – and the only one I have any experience of – Sweden’s black/industrial pessimists Diabolicum return. That previous record ‘The Dark Blood Rising’ was from recollection (the CD resides across the open sea from… Continue Reading →

Arcturus – Arcturian (Prophecy)

This is one of those albums we never really expected to happen. After Arcturus split in 2007 following on from their ‘Sideshow Symphonies’ album a couple of years earlier things seemed pretty final. However they had persevered through losing original… Continue Reading →

Tähtiportti – Tähtiportti (Svart)

I was disappointed the last time I reviewed a heavy techno album from Finland, but faced now with the promise of something “left field”, for which I’ve always been a sucker, and the unmissable invitation to “open my bowels”, I… Continue Reading →

Frozen Ocean – Prills Of Remembrance (S/R)

Back for the first time this year and I am sure not the last are Frozen Ocean, a project helmed by Vaarwel from Moscow and one that regular readers to this site will no doubt have heard of before. I… Continue Reading →

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