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Soul Remnants – Ouroboros (eOne)

I was lucky enough to review “Black and Blood”, Soul Remnants second album a long while ago. It was a total blast and a fine balance between classic old school thrashing death metal and more modern technical DM.  So when… Continue Reading →

Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi (Agonia Records)

This is the fourth album release from Californian band Decrepit Birth. With track titles such as “The Sacred Geometry” and “Transcendental Paradox”, I guess this is what they mean by the themes being “esoteric”. It’s death metal so there’s clue… Continue Reading →

Exocrine – Ascension (Great Dane Records)

Exocrine’s debut album “Unreal Existence” was an intense no holds barred technically progressive metal affair, so it was good to learn that this quartet from Bordeaux have followed it up with another one. The band announce their intention without delay… Continue Reading →

Disperse – Foreword (Season of Mist)

I know people who sing the praises of Polish progressive metal band Disperse. My own experience of them, which amounts to listening to one of their two previous albums “Living Mirrors” (2013) and a live performance, has been one of… Continue Reading →

Derealized – Isolation Poetry (Finisterian Dead End)

Derealized are a fairly new band from France and Isolation Poetry is their debut album. Playing a style that is a mix of technical blackened death the band featuring members of Ignis Fatuus, Redeeming Torture and Diluvian are a trio… Continue Reading →

Peripheral Cortex – Rupture (S/R)

If there is anything of note about music and 2016 is that this is clearly the year of the riff. With so much doom, stoner, retro and sludge digging their groove laden tendrils into everyone they can reach and making… Continue Reading →

Obscura – Akroasis (Relapse)

I think it’s fair to say that Obscura mainman Stefan Kummerer is something of an enthusiast of the works and approach of the late, great Death mainman Chuck Schuldiner. Much like Schudiner did throughout the 1990s, across the last decade,… Continue Reading →

Exocrine – Unreal Existence (Great Dane)

This album belies the fact that it is this French band’s debut release. I was surprised to learn this after listening to “Unreal Existence”. Heavily progressive and specialising in technical and complex patterns, it has real purpose. Fire comes in… Continue Reading →

De Profundis – Kingdom of the Blind (Wickerman)

De Profundis are a UK band who completely bypassed me having formed about the same time I left there for life on the continent in 2005. Apparently starting out devoted to doom, these Londoners have since evolved into more of… Continue Reading →

The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal (Metal Blade)

This US hyper speed technical death metal outfit seems to divide the death metal fraternity when it comes to whether they are death metal or not as in the past I have seen the band labelled as metalcore which is… Continue Reading →

Nile – What Should Not be Unearthed (Nuclear Blast)

The latest release from a modern titan in any genre is always one that is eagerly anticipated. When said titan however is technical death metal beast’s Nile, you know the wait has been more than worth it, as this is… Continue Reading →

Fleshdoll – Blood Red District (Great Dane)

This is the first time I’ve heard Fleshdoll – a French death metal crew from Toulouse. This is their fourth full length and on the strength of it I’m defo gonna be checking out their back catalogue. This is ten… Continue Reading →

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