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Wormed – Metaportal (Season Of Mist)

Technical Death Metal has a strange history some love it, others hate it. It’s early days were steeped in impressive musicianship which left a lot of people bewildered, the likes of Atheist, Cynic and Death being among the biggest driving… Continue Reading →

Ichor – Hadal Ascending (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)

There is nothing like a little escapism in film or literature, so why should music be any different. I am often met with sniggers or chuckles when I mention Power Metal or the wild worlds of the mighty Bal-Sagoth but… Continue Reading →

Prophetic Scourge – Calvary (Klonosphere)

Eight lengthy tracks with prefixes from “The Penitent” to “The Cultist” suggest an edgy progressiveness but in a very dark way, and that’s broadly what we have from this French quintet. “The Penitent – Confrère de la Miséricorde” sets out… Continue Reading →

Revocation – The Outer Ones (Metal Blade)

Boston’s Technical Death/Thrash Metal titans Revocation are back again and adding their latest effort into what has been a packed 2018 in terms of album releases, both released and upcoming. Whilst people have been heaping praise on bands like Behemoth… Continue Reading →

De Profundis – The Binding Light Of Faith (Transcending Obscurity)

When I saw De Profundis’ latest offering on the review list, I was keen to secure the beast as I had been a fan of their work for a few years now. Having been witness to their brutality and clinical… Continue Reading →

Pestilence – Hadeon (Hammerheart)

What makes a legendary band? Is it enough to be ahead of your time? Or is it simply about writing great music? So many questions to answer all with an array of deep answers. To me a legendary band is… Continue Reading →

Unreal Overflows – Latent (Great Dane)

I’m not normally bothered about band names but I have to say that this year so far the quality of some of the names has impressed me more than the albums I’ve heard. First there was Questionable Blood Pressure. Now… Continue Reading →

Fallujah – Dreamless (Nuclear Blast)

The world has been waiting for a band like Fallujah. That’s what the band’s vocalist says. So understatement in the music seemed an unlikely outcome in the case of “Dreamless”. Wow. Well I have to say this oeuvre from the… Continue Reading →

Gorod – A Maze Of Recycled Creeds (Listenable)

When I read that French 5 piece, Gorod are often described as jazz / death metal I thought ‘oh ffs’. I mean I hate jazz, to me it sounds like all the musicians are trying to race each other to… Continue Reading →

Scalpel – Sorrow And Skin (Sevared)

Scalpel’s “Sorrow and Skin” is a 10 track slab of brutal, gory death metal. This is the Massachusetts  band’s first full length LP coming three years after their debut ‘Common Threads’ EP. All the guys can obviously play their instruments… Continue Reading →

Spawn of Possession – Incurso (Relapse Records)

Spawn Of Possession’s first album, Cabinet, was a minor favourite of mine – coming hot on the heels of Visceral Bleeding’s own storming debut on which two members of SoP lent their talents. Their more technical and meandering brand of… Continue Reading →

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