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Madvice – Everything Comes To An End (Time To Kill Records)

Madvice are a 4 piece from Italy who have been described as a thrash-melodeath hybrid kind of band. With this in mind, you would expect some cutting riffs, surging paced sections and some massive sounding moments. Whilst these do appear… Continue Reading →

The Mute Gods -Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (Inside Out)

I know it will be by now bugging the crap out of one third of The Mute Gods’ Nick Beggs, but this is his band’s first feature on Ave Noctum so the elephant-in-the-room of “Hey, It’s that guy from Kajagoogoo!”… Continue Reading →

Remain In Silence – …And The Soul Goes On (MIG)

The two cold-wave pioneers who are comprised of A. Buchwald (guitars) and A. Gimpel (vocals) have apparently been around since 1983. Classic they may well be but for me the journey starts here as I have to admit to never… Continue Reading →

Borknagar – Winter Thrice (Century Media)

It’s not really important to me what a band used to sound like, where they started or the genre that they were classed as – it‘s more about where they are now and just interesting (though not essential) how they… Continue Reading →

In This Moment – Blood (Century Media)

This is In This Moment’s fourth album release. I heard the first two and particularly liked the first one “Beautiful Tragedy” (2007), which was in a feisty, gothic pop-metalcore style. I thought “The Dream”, while having a good range and… Continue Reading →

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