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Psycroptic, Aversions Crown, Within Destruction, Hadal Maw, Hollow World Manchester – Rebellion Bar 6/2/19

When I saw this five band bill I couldn’t believe the brutality yet variation as four of the bands are from Australia (and came on the back of seeing the Aussie duo Parkway Drive and Thy Art Is Murder the… Continue Reading →

Ruins – Undercurrent (Listenable Records)

Now, I’m no expert in black metal (or anything else for that matter) but I know a bit and I know what I like. Few black metal bands ‘do it’ for me to be honest, they either sound like they’ve… Continue Reading →

Départe – Failure, Subside (Season Of Mist)

Tasmania, somewhat cut off from the rest of the world and with no shortage of angry and extreme musicians it would seem. There definitely seems to be a bit of an underground scene there and it never surprises me when… Continue Reading →

ThrOes – This Viper Womb (Aesthetic Death)

Although deriving back to the late 50’s, ‘Outsider Music’ is a term that seems all the more in use to describe a sound that simply refuses to be categorised. Kind of in-line with this, ThrOes an outfit from Tasmania have… Continue Reading →

Ruins – Place of no Pity (Listenable Records)

In volunteering to review this album I must admit that I took a bit of a gamble. Although black metal is not my usual area of coverage here, when I read the name of the band and their origin as… Continue Reading →

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