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Pulver – Kings Under The Sand (Gates Of Hell)

So if I was to get all imaginary classroom here and ask hands up anyone who has heard NWOBHM legends Tank, there would be plenty of hands shoot up around that metaphorical room. None more so than the five enthusiastic… Continue Reading →

Fatal Curse – Breaking The Trance (Shadow Kingdom)

What a weird coincidence…or is it? Given this album to review I stuck it in the media player on my computer and having ‘found the info’ on the internet, the player entered the album info automatically…with a release date of… Continue Reading →

Sabaton – The Last Stand (Nuclear Blast)

Sabaton are one of those bands everyone is aware of, and if you aren’t, you soon will be. The Swedes have a truly energetic and engaging live performance which is truly captivating and even those of you who dismiss them… Continue Reading →

EVO ALGY – Damned Unto Death (High Roller)

EVO (Paul Evans/Paul Evo) is the guy from UK non-conformists Warfare and ALGY (Ward) is the original Tank bassist and founder. Based on their past history, I would expect a brash and harsh release, which you get in places. The… Continue Reading →

Bulldozing Bastard – Under The Ram (High Roller)

Bulldozing Bastard do exact what their name would suggest, that being kicking your doors in, stinking you out with B.O., stale beer and fags, incessantly whipping their lank hair in your face, leaving you covered in sputum after generally rocking… Continue Reading →

Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror (Nuclear Blast)

There are times when a band’s own distinctiveness can become a millstone around their neck – when the unique path that they forged can, as the years progress, begin to resemble something of a creative straitjacket compelling them to continue… Continue Reading →

Zero Down – No Limit To The Evil (Minotauro Records)

There’s something immediately American about Zero Down. The instantly familiar style of the artwork (done by Ed Repka of Death/Megadeth etc fame) aside, the band’s look, style and sound really does seem very Stateside. And Zero Down ARE American (luckily… Continue Reading →

Asomvel – Knuckle Duster (Bad Omen Records)

I doubt that any self respecting metaller that follows the scene within the UK hasn’t at least witnessed a live show by these purist heavy metal purveyors, or know that they tragically lost founding member Jay-Jay Winter in a road… Continue Reading →

Tank – Breath of the Pit (Southworld)

Tank were dirty NWOBHM that was pretty consistent up until the last two releases, ‘War Nation’ and ‘War Machine’ which I did find rather poor and disappointing, or rather verging into power metal. So I wasn’t really that fussed about… Continue Reading →

The Beyond – Frostbitepanzerfuck (HPGD Productions)

Ah we have not had one of these for a while, an album with a fuck off tank on the cover that is! If you take that along with the album title you are probably expecting something war-torn and nasty… Continue Reading →

Nashorn – Maggots to Devour the World (SR)

As far as I can tell, and my German is surprisingly flakey given the number of German bands I listen to, Nashorn is the name of a fairly intimidating piece of anti-tank artillery from World War II. Now, if the… Continue Reading →

Superchrist – Holy Shit (Hells Headbangers)

Everybody loves a surprise or two in music, and I personally love getting albums where I expect nothing but then end up with something I really enjoy and rave about. Chicago based Supercrhist is a well established metal outfit with… Continue Reading →

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