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Tangerine Dream

Interview – Bloody Hammers

They’re creepy and they’re kooky mysterious and spooky. Nope let’s not go down that route even if their world is a little on the strange and horrific side. Bloody Hammers consist of Anders Magna and Devallia who pass their time… Continue Reading →

Chester Hawkins – Natural Causes (Intangible Arts)

This is the strangest thing to turn up in a while here and was kindly sent in on vinyl and described as “a bit of soundtracky electric noises for possible review.” Composer Chester Hawkins is from Washington DC and has… Continue Reading →

Clouds Taste Satanic – Dawn Of The Satanic Age (Kinda Like Music)

For three straight years now, Brooklyn based instrumental doomsters Clouds Taste Satanic have been producing an album a year, the quality of which has just continued to improve. 2014 saw ‘To Sleep Beyond The Stars’ with its single epic track… Continue Reading →

Dissvarth – Between The Light And The Moon (I, Voidhanger)

Dissvarth’s starry-eyed debut is the latest from Australia’s extreme metal creative force Dis Pater  also known for Midnight Odyssey. In his other projects, Pater manages to blend his unique mix of black metal, funeral doom and keyboard-soaked ideas into boundless… Continue Reading →

Temple of Gnosis – De Secretis Naturae Alchymica (ATMF)

Well, this is very different to my expectations. As long time readers will know, the Editor of this august publication lets humble reviewers, such as yours truly, select their preferred albums from brief descriptions which are delivered by virtue of… Continue Reading →

IIVII – Colony (Consouling Sounds)

Deep into space or beneath the ocean are two places that music often transport you to and they are places that I certainly like to dwell mainly due to the fantasy elements as they are places that most of us… Continue Reading →

Valborg – Romantik (Temple Of Torturous)

Dark, decedent and delicious are all words that come to me when listening to German band Valborg’s fifth album. Although they have been around for a while and released quite a bit this is my first encounter with them and… Continue Reading →

Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestite (Artemisia)

As fans we have a deep but usually distant relationship with the bands we love. We care and we hope and we revel in their art and the emotions they stir inside us. But on occasions, in some respects, we… Continue Reading →

Interview – Nightsatan

True warriors of the wastelands Nightsatan are a band forged on the futuristic sounds of the past. If that sounds paradoxical well it is, as the trio are a real enigma whose ‘laser metal’ is synonymous with soundtracks from (mainly… Continue Reading →

Frozen Ocean – The Dyson Swarm (Kristallblut)

So we have the first but almost certainly not the last release of the year from Russian project Frozen Ocean and as ever it’s an intriguing proposition wondering where the fertile mind of musician Vaarwel is taking us to this… Continue Reading →

Divinium Opus Sedare Dolorem / Frozen Ocean – Sensus Veris (Operator Produkzion)

Spring is very much in the air on this split album. We are greeted by an idyllic Swiss looking field in bloom on the cover which is in the form of an interesting green tracing paper design and inside there… Continue Reading →

Munruthel – Yav, Nav i Prav (Gardarika)

This is one very welcome reissue as far as I am concerned as it is the only album from Ukrainian one man act Munruthel that has so far escaped me. The first album I heard was the successor to this… Continue Reading →

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