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Talk Talk

Ghostbound – All is Phantom (ATMF)

Originally conceived as a solo project by Brooklyn-based musician/actor (actor?) Alec Head to deliver themes of loss, grief and isolation via the medium of atmospheric black metal, Ghostbound has since expanded into a ‘full’ band and now presents the world… Continue Reading →

Remain In Silence – …And The Soul Goes On (MIG)

The two cold-wave pioneers who are comprised of A. Buchwald (guitars) and A. Gimpel (vocals) have apparently been around since 1983. Classic they may well be but for me the journey starts here as I have to admit to never… Continue Reading →

Baron – Torpor (Svart)

Quoting the legendary Talk Talk in your bio is always going to pique my interest, let’s be honest – so it was with some sense of expectation that I plunged Baron into my ears. They’re an intriguing proposition it must… Continue Reading →

Delain – Interlude (Napalm)

Maybe I should start by stating that Delain have done 3 full length albums to date. I really liked their debut – one of the best Gothic Metal albums of that year, I thought their second one had some good… Continue Reading →

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