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Psychopress – The Möbius Strip (StreetVoice)

A few years ago I went on the Transformers ride at Universal Studios. What I remember is being shunted backwards, forwards and sideways, stopping and starting with explosions going on and instructions being boomed. The patterns of “The Möbius Strip”… Continue Reading →

Chthonic – Battlefields Of Asura (S/R)

It’s been five years since we’ve heard new material from Sing Ling Temple and Taiwan’s fiercest celestial defenders. Five years with precious little available outside of Taiwan to keep us occupied. Well apart from the Takasago Army and Bu-Tik albums… Continue Reading →

Chthonic – Bu Tik (Spinefarm)

A little history is in order here so if you just want the album review skip to paragraph two! Taiwan’s Chthonic seem to get on some Westerners’ wrong side. Some of it is the usual knuckledragging misogyny (they have the… Continue Reading →

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