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Wires & Lights – A Chasm Here And Now (SPV)

Wires & Lights are a relatively new band from Berlin, Germany, and the album at hand, A Chasm Here And Now, is their first long player. What’s it like? Well, the press info is all in superlatives. And no, that’s… Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice – S/T (Season Of Mist)

It’s not the first time we have been caught out by press hyperbole and definitely won’t be the last. French trio The Sacrifice apparently were originally called Panzer Flower and with a name like that and a number 2 hit… Continue Reading →

Ixion – Return (Finisterian Dead End)

There have always been two elements to Ixion’s sound – the funeral doom slog and the uplifting keyboard vibes to balance it all out. It worked nicely on Into the Void, which was more what most would consider to be… Continue Reading →

Ulver – The Assassination of Julius Caesar (House of Mythology)

When it comes to the art of music, Ulver are a law unto themselves. Having been around for almost 25 years, the Norwegian progressive post-black metal experimentalist outfit now possess a status which makes every release they put out feel… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Imagica (Metropolis)

It wasn’t until 2007 album ‘Walking With Strangers’ that I got my first encounter with Canadian gothic synth-pop act The Birthday Massacre. Right back in time, before this they had started out no doubt inspired by a certain Clive Barker… Continue Reading →

Remain In Silence – …And The Soul Goes On (MIG)

The two cold-wave pioneers who are comprised of A. Buchwald (guitars) and A. Gimpel (vocals) have apparently been around since 1983. Classic they may well be but for me the journey starts here as I have to admit to never… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Superstition (Metropolis)

As it is literally chucking it down out the skies and I have been contemplating going out in it but feel somewhat trapped like one of the children in The Cat In The Hat, I felt the time is right… Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Perfection – Til Death (Metropolis)

I have seen the name of this lot plenty of times as far as on the live front is concerned and indeed note they have a headlining show at the London Underworld on the 20th of February with Faderhead. Plug… Continue Reading →

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