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Brainstorm – Midnight Ghost (AFM)

Surely Brainstorm are a true example of a Metal band that found a style, pushed it to its ultimate and stuck with it, accumulating and keeping fans with every album. On the menu is always heavy, intense powerful Metal every… Continue Reading →

Almanac – Kingslayer (Nuclear Blast)

Like a ruthless assassin pursuing it’s royal folly (it’s a relevant analogy, you’ll see…), Viktor Smolski’s Almanac release “Kingslayer” just one year after 2016’s highly regarded debut “Tsar”. Last year’s album was a good tsarting point (it just had to… Continue Reading →

Brainstorm – Scary Creatures (AFM)

I’ve begun to think of German Power Metallers Brainstorm as the Sheepdogs of Metal. Look, bear with me – they are quick, powerful, energetic, reliable, resilient, occasionally unpredictable, but generally spending time with them is ultimately rewarding. See? OK, the… Continue Reading →

Brainstorm – Firesoul (AFM)

There’s no denying that you know what you’re going to get with a new Brainstorm release. Heavy Power Metal with great vocals, well written songs and expert musicianship. And at this stage, three factions of readers have formed, those who… Continue Reading →

Broken Fate – Rising To The Dream (SR)

What a great production for an unsigned band! Switzerland’s Broken Fate are still without a deal despite releasing high standard demos for a few years now, but I reckon this is a good move – put out a mini album… Continue Reading →

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