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SepticFlesh – Codex Omega (Season of Mist)

The problem with reviewing a new SepticFlesh album is expectation and having to pick it apart. As in, I have to be objective and meticulous and point out what could’ve been done to make things better. For example, is the… Continue Reading →

Limbonic Art – Spectre Abysm (Candlelight)

Odd, but when I was given this to review I had to go away and check how many albums I have by Limbonic Art. Turns out I have the lot. Guess I must be a fan… Funny that. Anyway it’s… Continue Reading →

Les Chants Du Hasard – S/T (I, Voidhanger Records)

It has been an extremely long time since I’ve actively enjoyed listening to an album that contains no guitars, bass or drums. So long, in fact I cannot actually remember when it was. Well Hazard has changed that all on… Continue Reading →

Carach Angren – Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten (Season of Mist)

Like an extravagant dessert, Carach Angren are back. These men from The Netherlands are never backward in coming forward and presenting their theatrical, horror-laden, over the top version of black metal. Here we go again with “Dance and Laugh Amongst… Continue Reading →

Nox Vorago – Al Chem (S/R)

Swedish outfit Nox Vorago have release their second album, 5 years after releasing their début, 11 years after forming in Gothenburg. Their style of symphonic death metal taken care of by founding members Magnus Andersson and Uduun, keyboards and vocals… Continue Reading →

Saille – Gnosis (code 666)

I remember being impressed with Belgian band Saille’s debut album “Irreversible Decay” in 2011, since when they’ve released two more epic black metal albums and now a fourth in “Gnosis”. This album is a concept album based around “Prometheus: Poem… Continue Reading →

Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars (Napalm)

Described as ‘Italian led, converted Gauls, Ex Deo are basically Kataklysm with an extra member and some serious Roman Empire cosplaying… Not that there is anything wrong with this, the brand of symphonic death metal they sling is rather captivating… Continue Reading →

Devilment – II: The Mephisto Waltzes (Nuclear Blast)

When their debut came out 2 years ago I watched the videos that were released, but neglected to go out and grab the album as I wasn’t really too sure I would want to. If it’s anything like their latest… Continue Reading →

Gloomy Grim – The Age Of Aquarius (Satanath Records)

I gotta be honest, I really struggled with ‘Under The Spell Of The Unlit’, the 2008 release from Finnish symphonic black metal crew Gloomy Grim. On spec, it pretty much ticked all the boxes, however despite the excellent playing and… Continue Reading →

Elderblood – Messiah (Osmose)

Ukrainian black metal? Members who have spent time in Nokturnal Mortem? ‘Elderblood’? Forgive me for at first approaching this album with a modicum of trepidation. Whilst the fad for NSBM that peaked around 2006-2007 in the UK has (mercifully) faded… Continue Reading →

Evig Natt – S/T (S/R)

Well it seems like an ‘Eternal Night’ since we last heard from Norwegian band Evig Natt via their second album ‘Darkland’ back in 2010. Now they are back with self-released and self-titled album number three. Despite having a beauty and… Continue Reading →

Enthean – Priests of Annihiliation (S/R)

The extreme metal genre is pretty well saturated, and all too often a new release can leave you with the feeling of having heard it all before. Somehow, that makes it all the more satisfying when you come across a… Continue Reading →

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