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Svarttjern – Shame Is Just A Word (Soulseller)

It might be a new year but it’s still winter, long may it reign! For in the colder months my lust for Black Metal grows. I’m like a Corpse-painted hibernating animal who only emerges to the sound of Battles In… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival Day One – Oslo Rockefeller and John Dee 18/4/19

Having been suitably warmed up by the Indie Recordings Label Night, I could not wait for the main festival to get underway. As I’m sure most of you know, Inferno Metal Festival is a four day event that takes place… Continue Reading →

Repulsive Aggression -Preachers of Death (Schwarzdawn)

Spewed into existence in 2008, Oslo’s Repulsive Aggression have hardly been prolific with this being only their second full length release (alongside their initial 3 track demo), but looking at the CVs of the members (including time with Svarttjern, Bloodspawn,… Continue Reading →

Sarkom – Doomsday Elite (Karisma)

There is certainly something elite about this line-up as it contains members of So Much For Nothing, Svarttjern and Urgehal in its ranks. It has been some time since last 2008 album ‘Bestial Supremacy’ although a couple of EP’s have… Continue Reading →

Repulsive Aggression – Conflagration (Schwarzdorn Production)

Comprised of ex members of misanthropic black metallers Svarttjern, death metallers Bloodspawn and power metallers Frail Grounds, the mixing pot here is a strange one, but the result of this conglomeration of styles sticks resolutely within the realm of death… Continue Reading →

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