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Susperia - The Lyricist (Agonia Records)

Susperia – The Lyricist (Agonia Records)

Susperia are back and they have commandeered the vocal talents of Bernt ‘Dagon’ Fjellestad to help deliver this latest offering ‘The Lyricist’ The origins of Susperia date back to 1988 when the then drummer with Dimmu Borgir, Tjodalv, got together with his long-time friend, Cyrus,.. Read More
The Vice - XIII Years (S/R)

The Vice – XIII Years (S/R)

This E.P from Stockholm’s The Vice is 4 tracks of Nightbreed style Goth rock with hints of metal.  This trio layer on the atmosphere like the beer and sweat on the steps in the Slimelight (treacherous masonry that it is) . Rickard has a vocal style.. Read More
Abyssic – A Winter’s Tale (Osmose)

Abyssic – A Winter’s Tale (Osmose)

After seriously enjoying some recent epic masterworks from Monolithe and other entities from the more ambitious end of the doom death and funeral doom fraternity, I was keen to get my decimated ear drums around this debut from Norway’s Abyssic. Eighty minutes of heavily orchestral,.. Read More
Human Debris - Wrought From Anguish (SR)

Human Debris – Wrought From Anguish (SR)

This German band’s previous release was a Gothenburg inspired opus of scintillating harmonies, nifty guitar work and a tapestry of vocal styles and this new effort sees that template being emboldened and intensified. Formulating their song writing to encompass all that is melodic Swedeath Human.. Read More
Chrome Division - Infernal Rock Eternal (Nuclear Blast)

Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Eternal (Nuclear Blast)

A Norwegian Rock n Roll band? Hmmmm….. wait!! Before you throw it back in my face, let me just point out that Shagrath from Dimmu is in the band! Yep! Who knew the wee fella had a burning desire to do some rock music? Then of.. Read More
Broken Fate - Rising To The Dream (SR)

Broken Fate – Rising To The Dream (SR)

What a great production for an unsigned band! Switzerland’s Broken Fate are still without a deal despite releasing high standard demos for a few years now, but I reckon this is a good move – put out a mini album of the quality that a.. Read More