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Atriarch – Dead As Truth (Relapse)

Once I upgraded my musical reading from Smash Hits to N.M.E, Melody Maker and Sounds I remember well the tag of most miserable band in the world being thrown around a lot. It normally went in the direction of The… Continue Reading →

Eskapi – Välkommen till (O)verkligheten (Art Of Propaganda)

The fertile but not right by any means mind of J Gabrielson (Lifelover, Vanhelga) strikes again with a new musical project. Here he provides vocals and lyrics whilst partner in insanity C.J. does everything instrumentally. The debut E.P. does have… Continue Reading →

Nekrokrist SS – Der Todesking (Primitive Reaction)

One look at the title and cover art of this album and it went straight on my review pile without a note being played. The film that it takes its name from is very much a favourite of mine and… Continue Reading →

Frozen Ocean – Aokigahara (Le Crepuscule Du Soir)

In the last of these reflections on ambient experimentation, audio seismologist Vaarwel really shakes things up. The 39 minute one track album has a droning sound on a low frequency rumbling through the entire length of the piece. Does it… Continue Reading →

Woods Of Ypres – Woods 5 Grey Skies And Electric Light

  Artist: Woods Of Ypres Title: Woods 5 Grey Skies And Electric Light Type: Album Label: Earache Recently I read some gumph on the NME website with a list of the 50 most depressing albums ever made. About a quarter… Continue Reading →

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