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The Ditch and the Delta – S/T (Prosthetic Records)

With a name like The Ditch and the Delta my expectation was to hear the blues; born from Mississippi, paying homage to the great blues artists while swigging from a bottle of moonshine.  That expectation was rather misguided, as the… Continue Reading →

Völur – Ancestors (Prophecy)

“They have an umlaut they must be heavy” observed a friend on mention of these Canadians. See, this is a preconception that bands should observe before unnecessarily cladding themselves with such metal signatures. Apart from sharing country of origin and… Continue Reading →

Season of Arrows – Give it to the Mountain (Argonauta Records)

Whilst not the biggest of labels out there, Argonauta Records has delivered some real treats over the last couple of years that still manage to get regular plays here at Chez Spenny, no mean feat when I look at the… Continue Reading →

Esben & The Witch – Older Terrors (Season of Mist)

From living in Brighton and playing tiny venues such as Oslo in Hackney and The Lexington in Islington to relocating to Berlin, being picked up by Season of Mist and having their music featured on the likes of Skins and… Continue Reading →

SubRosa, Darkher, smallman, Sumer – London The Underworld 11/10/16

It’s day 19 of SubRosa’s 22 date European tour and tonight the Salt Lake City quintet are hitting up Camden’s Underworld. SÜMER open the show and the local lads provide the perfect display of prog rock meets post metal. Three… Continue Reading →

Fvnerals – Wounds (Golden Antenna)

When this one landed I was intrigued enough to pick it up and give it a quick play. Call me easily swayed but there is something about a band that replace their U’s with a V that adds an air… Continue Reading →

SubRosa – For This We Fought the Battle of Ages (Profound Lore)

If you have even the slightest of interest in modern doom metal and its accompanying sub-genres, then it’s unlikely that SubRosa will have escaped your notice. The mystical quintet hail from Salt Lake City, Utah and, unusually, boast two highly… Continue Reading →

Darkher – Realms (Prophecy)

We have been waiting patiently to be taken into Dark(h)er Realms with this debut album following on from sublime EP release The Kingdom Field in 2014. Luckily a couple of enchanting live performances at Doom Over London and with Ahab… Continue Reading →

Eight Bells – Landless (Battleground)

Billy Anderson may as well be renamed King Midas, as it seems that any record he has any dealings with turns out to be solid gold – ‘Landless’ by Portland trio, Eight Bells, is no absolutely no exception to this… Continue Reading →

Dolch – Demo I & II (Van)

Who says music can’t still have an aura of mystery about it in the internet age? You don’t just have to wear masks to have an air of intrigue about you either. Take Dolch for example. Not only do they… Continue Reading →

Cold In Berlin – The Comfort Of Loss And Dust (Candlelight)

After hearing and enjoying two albums by Cold In Berlin it was particularly interesting filling in the gaps and seeing the band live for the first time when they played the Candlefest last year. Cast somewhat adrift amidst bands more… Continue Reading →

Hell / Amarok – Split (Pesanta Urfolk)

Nope don’t get all excited those of you who like pantomime metal and bangs and explosions on stage, this is not the British NWOBHM Hell. It is a band like Amarok who they share this 2 track split album with… Continue Reading →

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