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Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer (Transcending Obscurity Records)

When the “personal interests” on your Facebook page are listed as “Blasphemy, Perversion, War Themes, Weight Lifting, Conqueror, Mass Alcohol Consumption, Revenge, Angelcorpse, Sarcofago, Old Deicide, Old Morbid Angel, Proclamation, Teitanblood, Bestial Warlust, Deiphago, Diocletian, Old Obituary” you’re gonna somewhat… Continue Reading →

Arrogant Destruktor / Wrang – Split (Wolfspell Records)

Some major damage going on here. The cover shows a bombed out and totally devastated scene that looks like somewhere such as Dresden in WWII. There’s a tank on the back cover and inside a shiny disc with 2 bands… Continue Reading →

Scutum Crux – The Second Sun (Immortal Frost Productions)

Taking their name from a stream of stars and matter from the trailing arm spiralling out towards the end of the milky way, Scutum Crux are a band that if you go to underground shows in London, chances are you… Continue Reading →

Sodomizer, Decrepid, Hellkommander & Sturmtiger – London Unicorn 1/2/13

The Unicorn is fast becoming the place to go and the pub is putting on some excellent extreme underground metal shows at the moment, best of all they are completely free. Another good thing is the hipsters stay safely down… Continue Reading →

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