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English Dogs – The Thing With Two Heads (Candlelight)

A very good album title, as The English Dogs are very much a band with two heads, with two different versions of them out there. Forming as a punk band in the early 80’s and playing with the likes of… Continue Reading →

Interview – Hybris

The sound of ‘Heavy Machinery’ is coming and if you like a mix of technical thrash it’s a sound to embrace before it steamrollers over and flattens you. Although a band you may not have heard of the UK based… Continue Reading →

Hybris – Heavy Machinery (Candlelight)

Forming in 2010, Hybris already have quite the pedigree in the UK metal scene. This is due to the fact their members consist of former members of sludge monsters Centurions Ghost, a former member from classic heavy metal crew Stuka… Continue Reading →

Iron Knights – New Sound Of War (Metalbox)

Never say die; well it’s a pretty appropriate motto for my favorite bunch of undead Luftwaffe pilots and after the fog of war clears, Stuka Squadron re-emerge from their coffins under the fine new name Iron Knights and the eternal… Continue Reading →

Full Moon Dog Festival – Leeds Cockpit 13/10/12

The second incarnation of the Full Moon Dog Festival, an event dedicated in remembrance of the tragic death of Jay-Jay Winter, bassist and singer of Asomvel. Maintaining a passion for purist heavy metal the festival doggedly sticks to the roots… Continue Reading →

Full Moon Dog Festival Preview – Part II

The Full Moon Dog festival is due to take place at the Cockpit in Leeds on October 13th 2012 and promises to showcase some of the UK’s brightest metal talent in memory of Jay Jay Winter of the mighty Asomvel…. Continue Reading →

Full Moon Dog Festival Preview – Part I

The Full Moon Dog Festival will grace The Cockpit in Leeds on Saturday October 13th. Bands so far announced include Mercenary, Stiletto Farm, Eliminator, Stuka Squadron, Dark Forest, Asomvel, Solstice and Orange Goblin plus one headliner. But this is more… Continue Reading →

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