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Grand Delusion – Supreme Machine (Minotauro Records)

Grand Delusion – Supreme Machine (Minotauro Records)

Those who can make any money, let alone a living out of reviewing are few and far between. The majority of writers are folks like your humble scribe who happen to be fans and want to spread the word of what is good, and maybe.. Read More
The Doom Doc - Connor Matheson (Film)

The Doom Doc – Connor Matheson (Film)

  I am a big fan of music documentaries – Rockumentaries if you will (thanks Rob Reiner). It is great to peel back a layer of skin belonging to bands and fans alike especially when that skin feels like part of your own.  Such films.. Read More
Poseidon – Prologue  (Ripple Music)

Poseidon – Prologue (Ripple Music)

If you’re not yet familiar with Poseidon, then I think it is time you changed that, and ‘Prologue’ may well be the album to help you. Developing from the single track ‘Omega’ that was released over a year ago, the band have clearly been away,.. Read More
Temple Of Lies - The Serial Killer Suite (Attic Records)

Temple Of Lies – The Serial Killer Suite (Attic Records)

Hot on the heels of 2016’s “From Sands”, Temple Of Lies have wasted no time in taking advantage of the creative juices that have been flowing. Indeed, “The Serial Killer Suite” finds these Leicester lads in quite rude health. I managed to catch them live.. Read More
Lâmina – Lilith (Raging Planet)

Lâmina – Lilith (Raging Planet)

Some debut albums are by simple virtue of being the first release by the band tentative, formative, maybe a little unsure. That cannot be said in any way of ‘Lilith’ by Portugal’s Lâmina. Points were instantly won when I opened the strangely shaped envelope that.. Read More
Her Name Was Fire - Road Antics (Raging Planet)

Her Name Was Fire – Road Antics (Raging Planet)

Her Name Was Fire are still a relatively new venture. The Lisbon duo have one EP to their name and “Road Antics” is the debut full length release with promises of stoner rock goodness with grunge and blues elements thrown in. Admittedly, this is definitely.. Read More
Bison - You are not the Ocean you are the Patient (Pelagic Records)

Bison – You are not the Ocean you are the Patient (Pelagic Records)

My first encounter with Bison, this – which, I must hasten to add is not the early 80’s American heavy metal band, but the troupe from British Columbia. I didn’t know that they had formerly been signed to Metal Blade records, but the accompanying blurb.. Read More
Beastmaker – Inside the Skull (Rise Above)

Beastmaker – Inside the Skull (Rise Above)

Last year saw Beastmaker release Lusus Naturae on Rise Above – an album full of blue smoke and Black Sabbath riffs. A year on and the Fresno freaks are at it again.  Flares, patchouli oil and lava lamps at the ready it is time to.. Read More
Beggar – Chainscraper (S/R)

Beggar – Chainscraper (S/R)

This lot from the SW of England but now based in London obviously like the EP format as they have been steadily releasing them once a year for the last 4 as well as building up interest with live shows with the likes of Slabdragger,.. Read More
Heavy Temple – Chassit (Van Records)

Heavy Temple – Chassit (Van Records)

There’s so much good music in the world, gems hidden in a sea of the bland and the bilious, and too little time to go looking for it (“first world problem”, as I believe the youngsters like to say.), which is why this reviewing lark.. Read More
Interview - All Them Witches

Interview – All Them Witches

If psychedelic rock is your thing, then All Them Witches are doubtless a band you’ll have heard of and listen to frequently – the dynamic Nashville quartet managed to sell the Lexington in Islington out so quickly that a second date had to be added.. Read More
Interview - Royal Thunder

Interview – Royal Thunder

Atlanta four-piece Royal Thunder are busy tugging heartstrings and capturing our imaginations with ‘Wick’, their third studio album and first on Spinefarm Records. While having described it as “the hardest one to make” out of all of their records, the band are relieved to see.. Read More