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Weed Demon – Astrological Passages (Electric Valley Records)

“Hey you! Does your driveway suffer from damaging foliage growth? Is your lawn marred by unsightly dandelions? Well worry no more, and see them off with Ohio’s own Weed Demon. A single application of of their patented ‘Astrological Passages’ brand… Continue Reading →

Spaceslug – Eye The Tide (BSFD Records)

Poland’s Spaceslug are a busy band. Their universe started to come together in 2015 but the big bang happened for them with debut LP “Lemanis” in 2016 and follow up, “Time Travel Dilemma” one year later. Punctuated by an EP… Continue Reading →

Black Elephant – Cosmic Blues (Small Stone)

Apparently, you can’t tell what a book is about just by looking at its cover. Or something like that. You know the saying. But how about an LP? It’s much easier, isn’t it? Let’s say you came across Black Elephant’s… Continue Reading →

Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters – Come & Chutney (Riff Rock Records)

In the world of the badger faced extreme metallers, there seems to be a competition to have the most indecipherable logo, doubtless to match their equally indecipherable hell screamed lyrics. Enter the world of the Iommi worshipping Doom community, and… Continue Reading →

Yawning Man – The Revolt Against Tired Noises (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Psychedelic rock and revolt? Not a natural pair. That’s what I thought first when I read that Yawning Man have a new album titled The Revolt Against Tired Noises. Yawning Man are a long-standing band from La Quinta, California. They… Continue Reading →

Yob – Our Raw Heart (Relapse)

Early last year Yob’s Mike Scheidt was hospitalised for a lengthy period, following an attack of diverticulitis – a condition that affects the large intestine. Mike was left fighting for his life and the future of Yob suddenly became incredibly… Continue Reading →

Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back (Candlelight Records)

It’s 2018 and in short order the majority of the mainstream folks I work with have been variously excited by the FA cup final, a royal wedding, the forthcoming Steps and Aqua show in Dundee (I shit you not folks!),… Continue Reading →

Limb – Saboteurs of the Sun (New Heavy Sounds)

Given the kind of music that my own band plays, I’m surprised that I’ve never checked out Limb before. It seems like I’ve been missing out on something very special, certainly if this third L.P. is anything to go by…. Continue Reading →

Graveyard – Peace (Nuclear Blast)

It was a dark time many months ago when Graveyard called it quits. Mr. Finger-on-the-pulse as I am, I actually didn’t find out about their decision to split until 3 months after the announcement, by which time the band had… Continue Reading →

Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain (Svart)

It is a simple fact that regardless of who may be the founder, writer, or core of an act, many bands become almost synonymous with their vocalist. They’re the ones who are up front, fronting the band in fact, and… Continue Reading →

Morag Tong – Last Knell of Om (S/R)

Have you heard of Morag Tong yet? If you like your doom mashed up and spacey with plenty of space between the riffs and beats then you bally well should have. I first encountered this London based quartet in April… Continue Reading →

Mos Generator – Shadowlands (Listenable Records)

It was 2016 when the mighty Mos Generator released the excellent ‘Abyssinia’, an album that rode high in my top 10 of the year, and has been regularly spun ever since. To support that particular release the band pounded the… Continue Reading →

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