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Pale Divine – Consequence of Time (Cruz Del Sur)

Maybe it’s a lockdown thing as self-confinement injects a mellowing effect on my musical pursuits… Maybe I’ve just been forced to soften the edges of my musical horizons to have any hope of playing heavy metal on the collective house… Continue Reading →

Hellhookah – The Curse (S/R)

Can’t say I know much about the Baltic countries in general or Lithuania in particular. I have never been there, nor met somebody from there, nor do I recall having ever come across a band from there. But I imagine… Continue Reading →

Goat Monsoon – Alpha Kings (S/R)

Goat Monsoon have been kicking about since 2012 and have created enough interest to earn themselves a slot at Bloodstock 2019. They’ve also done gigs with underground riff merchants Slabdragger and British legends, Orange Goblin. Their recorded output is pretty… Continue Reading →

Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Treating the world with their own brand of fuzz worship since 2007, Italy’s own Black Rainbows have in that time racked up one hell of a back catalogue, an absolute shed load of shows, and arguably as importantly, built up… Continue Reading →

Brant Bjork – Brant Bjork (Heavy Psych Sounds)

The desert rock scene of California, despite its arid sands, has been a fertile land in terms of growing so many classic acts, spawning the likes of Fu Manchu and Kyuss and its many children. My last encounter with a… Continue Reading →

Blacklab – Abyss (New Heavy Sounds)

The band name gives it away. Fuzz-laden heavy doom is what Blacklab purvey. This is the second release from the so-called Dark Witch Doom duo from Japan. Off we go into “Insanity”. The vibe is totally dark and heavy. It… Continue Reading →

Sigiriya – Maiden Mother Crone (Burning World)

Back in 2014 there were some fine albums released and one of those managed to beat out big names like AC/DC to get my nod for the album of the year. This album is called “Darkness Died Today” by the… Continue Reading →

Barishi – Old Smoke (Season of Mist)

Old Smoke makes me think of Texas barbeques. Right country, wrong place. Progressive metal band Barishi are from New England. The band’s 2016 album “Blood from the Lion’s Mouth” was impressive and made my top 20 for the year on… Continue Reading →

Witchskull – A Driftwood Cross (Rise Above)

“The skies are dark. The atmosphere is thick with dread. The future looks bleak. Only pure, red-blooded heavy fucking metal can save us now.” That’s the beginning of the bio for Witchskull. And while it might seem a tad exaggerated,… Continue Reading →

Smokemaster – S/T (Tonzonen)

It should come as absolutely no surprise once seeing this band name that they bring a fragrant perfume of herby scents with them all the way from Cologne in Germany. This is the group’s debut album of psychedelic rock and… Continue Reading →

Elder – Omens (Stickman Records)

It’s hard to believe that Elder have existed as a band for almost 15 years when it feels like only yesterday that they were a trio enjoying the success that ‘Dead Roots Stirring’ afforded them and making their debut at… Continue Reading →

Demonic Death Judge – The Trail (Suicide Records)

The stoner and sludge scene spreads its wings far and wide. Finnish riff lords, Demonic Death Judge have released their fourth long player, “The Trail”. Since their formation in 2009, they’ve had a steady stream of albums, EP’s and split… Continue Reading →

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