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Lychgate – The Contagion In Nine Steps (Blood Music)

It is time to crawl through the Lychgate and enter a graveyard of ghoulish and macabre sounds once more. Be prepared for the weird, wonderful and downright ghastly sounds from a portal to another world to confront you in all… Continue Reading →

Inhumankind – Self-Extinction (I Voidhanger)

I just liked the whole weirdness, or perhaps I should call it creativity behind this album. Inhumankind is a duo from Barcelona, one a flutist, the other a double bass player. “Self-Extinction” takes us beyond the boundaries of experimentalism and… Continue Reading →

Todesstoss – Hirngemeer (I, Voidhanger Records)

Now, before I get stuck into this – and get stuck in I most certainly will – I need to clarify my position. I am no enemy of the avant-garde and the surreal, the abstract and the inaccessible. I have… Continue Reading →

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