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Conny Ochs – Future Fables (Exile on Mainstream)

So used to seeing Conny Ochs alongside Scott Weinrich, it’s easy to forget that Ochs already has two albums all his own. Third addition to this, ‘Future Fables’ further proves that the German singer/songwriter doesn’t need the St. Vitus frontman… Continue Reading →

Arrakis – Ammu Dia (Self-Released)

Instrumental metal isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but it’s most certainly a genre that lends itself to emotional abandonment. And with post-metal burgeoning, it seems everyone’s at it these days. Another for the melting pot, Greek three-piece Arrakis formed… Continue Reading →

Witchsorrow – No Light, Only Fire (Candlelight)

Hampshire doomsters, Witchsorrow have delivered their best work yet with enough weight to drag you through the Earth’s crust. Prepare yourself. The band’s third opus finds them in fine form. “No Light, Only Fire” displays a progression and maturity that… Continue Reading →

Epitaph – Crawling Out Of The Crypt (High Roller)

Classic 80’s style Heavy/Doom Metal anyone? From an Italian band that were there the first time but have only just got around to re-recording their best tracks? A band that dress in silver pointy hats, fake Spock ears, skin-tight cropped… Continue Reading →

Aeonsgate – Pentalpha (Church Within)

The place is Latveria, and on upon his iron throne, the absolute monarch of the country Doctor Victor Von Doom seethes within the armour that is his battle suit and second skin.  “How is it that I am again defeated… Continue Reading →

Witch Mountain – Mobile of Angels (Svart)

A wee bit of research tells me that Witch Mountain (as opposed to Mountain Witch, or any of the other numerous “Mountainous” or “Witchy” stoner doom bands that abound!) have been going since 1997, and this is their fourth full… Continue Reading →

Orange Goblin – Back From The Abyss (Candlelight)

2015 sees Orange Goblin celebrate 20 years, and already they have announced a pretty special show at London’s Desertfest playing their classic ‘The Big Black’ in its entirety as well as doubtless a few special surprises.  Yet, despite that, and… Continue Reading →

Witch Charmer – The Great Depression (Argonauta Records)

Witch Charmer first came to my attention with their self-released 2013 ‘Euphoric Curse’ EP, being one of a positive slew of new bands willing to nail colours to the mast of the good ship retro revival.  2014 sees them upping… Continue Reading →

Serpent Warning – Serpent Warning (I Hate)

Serpent Warning are from Finland and have a classic doom approach to their sound laden in the sultry laid back moments of the 70’s. Whilst staying well clear of the retro/occult rock movement of late, you will be more at… Continue Reading →

The Graviators – Motherload (Napalm)

I’ll be honest, I approached this review with a little bit of trepidation. My only prior experience with The Graviators was when they opened for the legendary Saint Vitus back in December 2010 at Camden’s infamous sweat pit The Underworld,… Continue Reading →

Bong – Stoner Rock (Ritual Productions)

When a band called Bong names their latest album ‘Stoner Rock’, I kind of know what to expect; a THC drenched guitar howl fest? Not a problem. Me, I’m 44, had hair I could sit on long before the internet… Continue Reading →

Lazarus Blackstar / Black Shape Of Nexus – Split LP (Alerta Antifascista Records)

For this eagerly-awaited Split LP, the North-West of England meets the North-West of Germany as two storming merchants of doom crash headlong into each other for half-an-hour of immersive Sturm und Drang. From an early pressurized melting pot where Bradford… Continue Reading →

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