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Exhumed / Gruesome -Twisted Horror (Relapse)

Splits are strange things, I’ve never been one to be particularly drawn to them unless I’m being a completist of a band’s discography, and even then I seldom listen to them. I do kind of think that there is an… Continue Reading →

Sol De Sangre / Panico Al Miedo – La Senda de la Muerte (War Anthem Records)

Here’s a little gem. This is a split EP featuring two tracks by  both Colombian Death Metallers Sol De Sangre and Spanish Death-Thrashers Panico Al Miedo with both bands picking a couple of their favourite choice cuts from death metal… Continue Reading →

Kjeld / Wederganger – Split (Van)

Dutch extreme metal is in a rude state of health at the moment, and while the immediate focus may go towards the pummelling death metal scene, there is a hotbed of quality black metal bands lurking in the undergrowth, just… Continue Reading →

Helrunar / Árstíðir Lífsins – Fragments: A Mythological Excavation (Lupus Lounge)

Now this is a real treat. Germany’s black metal masters Helrunar and Icelandic bards Árstíðir Lífsins on one release. My main concern is that two bands with such a flare for atmospheric black metal won’t even have time to get… Continue Reading →

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