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Concrete Lung – Ecstasy Of Emptiness (Armalyte)

Last heard giving us Fumes in 2017 it seems that with new album Ecstasy Of Emptiness one man industrial outfit Concrete Lung have given us the whole gas pipe to suck on. Ed Oxime the man behind it obviously likes… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – Cannibal Commando (Beläten)

‘Ultra-negative industrial pop’ is a pretty good way to describe Norwegian act Blitzkrieg Baby as they come in a harrowing form that derives right back to a time in the 70’s when the likes of Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Boyd… Continue Reading →

Hateful Abandon – Liars / Bastards (Candlelight)

With a name like Hateful Abandon you could expect this lot to be some sort of doom death conglomeration but they are not as I found out picking up their interesting looking last release 2011 album ‘Move’ on the cheap… Continue Reading →

Raus / Perunwit – Under The Sign Of The Black Sun (Odium Records)

Here we have two bands both sharing one member and both containing Poles displaced and living in London. In the case of Raus this is their first recorded work whereas Perunwit are described as “legendary and the oldest Pagan band… Continue Reading →

Naxal Protocol – The Guilty Should Get What They Deserve (Eibon)

Can’t argue with the album title but what of the band? We are told that Naxal Protocol is the new name from previously defunct power noise artists Cazzodio. You can kind of understand why after they took a break for… Continue Reading →

Concrete Lung – Subtract Nerve (Armalyte)

If you have your lungs full of concrete and know this industrial wrecking crew you are not going to want to rest on your laurels if you fancy picking up this their fourth release. It is available only in the… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – Porcus Norvegicus (Neuropa)

We all like to be scared don’t we? It releases endorphins and gives an adrenaline rush that is quite like no other. Films and books are a good way of getting the fear although as you get older it is… Continue Reading →

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