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Killing A Lion – Bombs Of Affection (Boersma Records)

North-Rhine Westphalian quartet Killing A Lion are a band who have stated that they don’t feel like their sound should be confined by a simplistic genre tag. Usually, a statement like this has the mental klaxon’s blaring, the red lights… Continue Reading →

Skulldriver – L.D.C. (Elitbolaget)

Firstly, what a fucking great name for a metal band…Skulldriver….fantastic stuff, up there with Parasitic Ejaculation, Anal Cunt and Cannibal Corpse in self determinism. Band names that evoke and accurately paint of picture as to what you’re likely to experience… Continue Reading →

Baal – Shurado (Metropolis)

Japanese electrometallers Baal already have a couple of EPs out and have done a stint in the USA and this debut sees the bands aggro infested electro mechanized ear battering hitting the world. “Shurado” which means “Scent Of Carnage” showcases… Continue Reading →

Sicadis – Blood Of A Thousand Hearts (SR)

When receiving self-released albums in for review, it really is a lottery when it comes to what sort of quality you get. Bands vary in what they consider to be a ‘finished article’ in terms of production and songwriting and… Continue Reading →

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