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Spider Kitten – Concise and Sinister (S/R)

How the hell can you begin to describe Spider Kitten? Amongst other things they are one of the most prolific purveyors of DIY heaviness you could imagine. A constantly changing collective that rotates around the central hub of founder and… Continue Reading →

Lâmina – Lilith (Raging Planet)

Some debut albums are by simple virtue of being the first release by the band tentative, formative, maybe a little unsure. That cannot be said in any way of ‘Lilith’ by Portugal’s Lâmina. Points were instantly won when I opened… Continue Reading →

Alunah – Solennial (Svart)

For over a decade now, Alunah has remained one of the UK’s consistently finest purveyors of superb Doom, albeit having had assorted labels such as the very niche “female fronted occult rock” tag that was beloved of so many reviewers…. Continue Reading →

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