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Lychgate – Also Sprach Futura (Debemur Morti)

Assuming this was an album and the follow up to 2018’s 3rd full length ‘The Contagion In Nine Steps’ I got a bit of a surprise on downloading it to discover it was actually a 4 track EP and shorter… Continue Reading →

Spearhead – Pacifism Is Cowardice (Invictus)

A quick browse of t’internet tells us that Spearhead are from “southern England”, though we’re unable to identify specifically if they’re pointy-headed fucks from Cornwall, bumpkins from the West country, Mockneys from the home counties, toffs from Surrey, or wide… Continue Reading →

Weak Aside – Forward Into Darkness (FDA Records)

Another good ‘un from FDA Records here with the third full length from Germany thrashy death machine Weak Aside. I wasn’t familiar with the lads prior to receiving this but a bit of a blast through in the car on… Continue Reading →

Tortorum – Rotten.Dead.Forgotten (World Terror Committee)

I managed to catch Norwegian black metal barbarians Tortorum at a gig in their hometown of Bergen a few years ago and was blown away by their ferocity, which even exceeded the aggression and intensity captured on their two previous… Continue Reading →

Mystifier, Bolzer, Cruciamentum, Spearhead, Malthusian and Zom – London Dome 7/6/14

Killer line up this one, London is well and truly spoiled by the sort of bill we often look at in other European destinations and think will never come to England, but it did and by the time doors open… Continue Reading →

Tortorum – Katabasis (W.T.C.)

Consisting of members with three different nationalities, Tortorum proves one thing: that for all its negativity and anti-humanism, the sound of True Norwegian Black Metal can be a unifying force. Barghest (England) and Skyggen (Poland) – creators of this Bergen-based… Continue Reading →

Lychgate – ST (Mordgrimm)

If like me you have the habit of hanging around graveyards you will no doubt have encountered a Lychgate before and even walked under one. Simply put Lych is an old English word for corpse and gate… well duh. It… Continue Reading →

Tortorum – Extinctionist (World Terror Committee)

Mmm, piercing Norwegian black metal with a nasty Swedeath kick — wonderful.  That’s right.  Tortorum have got the perfect fuck-it-all attitude to go along with their caustic blend of precious metals.  Extinctionist, their first release, spews forth fury and intensity… Continue Reading →

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