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Lord Orots – Conquering The Infinite Void (Onism Productions)

Well it’s a good time to sleep and dream, taking off in your head to distant places unravaged by plague. That’s exactly what Spaniard Lord Orots has been doing and apparently, he has recently slept “upon his throne for ten… Continue Reading →

Thyrant – Katabasis (Indie)

Lost, found, descending the dark and then relief, stability and composure – this is the conceptual theme for this second album by Spanish metal band Thyrant. The band don’t claim to represent any particular genre. My first thoughts when I… Continue Reading →

Cryfemal – Eterna Oscuridad (Immortal Frost Productions)

Wow is it really four years since Ebola and drummer Bornyhake Ormenos poured their insatiable scorn on the earth with 2016’s ‘D6s6nti6rro’, an album I reviewed for Ave Noctum here. Indeed it’s hard to believe that they could even match… Continue Reading →

Maud the Moth – Orphne (Música Máxica)

It is surprising how hard it is to be out of your comfort zone when it comes to music. Sometimes the most challenging music is not the most complex or the most extreme. Rather, it can be music that is… Continue Reading →

Aversio Humanitatis – Behold The Silent Dwellers (Debemur Morti Productions)

I actually reviewed this album for another publication but wanted to give it more coverage than a sub 150 word review as it really does deserve much more so opted to cover for Ave Noctem as well. Tagging this sophomore… Continue Reading →

Demonik – Demon & Ashes Of The Earth (S/R)

Demonik are a band who I have covered previously for this site. The Spanish Thrashers released their 3rd studio album “Rise From Chaos” in 2018 and whilst there were some good musical elements on it, the album was just another… Continue Reading →

Toundra – Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari (Inside Out/Superball)

The strange title of this album beat me at first and still does, but I do now know that it refers to a German silent horror film of the same name from 1920. A far cry from the days when… Continue Reading →

Nukore – One Minute Silence (Blood Fire Death)

“Do you miss the rap metal of the early 90’s,” posits the question of the PR blurb and I look around wondering if someone is asking me a trick question? The answer is of course a big resounding “FUCK NO”… Continue Reading →

Abisme – As Fear Falls In (S/R)

As a debut release this Spanish act has set themselves a rather large bar to surmount for their sophomore such is the quality here. The eerie despondent acoustic opening to “Amoral Era” breathes levels of menace into the track before… Continue Reading →

Iron Curtain – Danger Zone (Dying Victims)

This is Spanish band Iron Curtain’s fourth album, and based on the progression from Speed and NWoBHM influence through to the metal might of Priest on their last offering ‘Guilty as Charged’, I have high hopes for this. As soon… Continue Reading →

Undead – Existential Horror (Godz Ov War)

There’s no shortage of Undead bands in the metal graveyard, its an obvious name and there’s no less than 14 bunches of ghouls using the moniker according to Metal Archives. This is an international group whose members are largely made… Continue Reading →

Sun Of The Dying – The Earth Is Silent (Art Of Propaganda)

Currently the earth is not silent, far from it, it is a tumultuous place seething with monstrous acts as nature battles with humanity for dominance, and if Sun Of The Dying had anything to do with it then this would… Continue Reading →

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