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Golden Legacy – II (S/R)

Blimey I thought I had been transported back in time to a John Peel radio session from the mid-80’s on first giving this a listen. Talk about the most girlie vocals I have heard in many a year. Sugar coated,… Continue Reading →

Pyramido – Fem (The Sign Records)

Fem – Swedish for 5, is the Malmo quintet’s 5th album. High fives all round! These chaps mix dreamy shoegaze atmospheres with uplifting doom and tortured sludge vocals. So far up my alley I need a proctologist to extract it! First… Continue Reading →

VOR – Depravador (Third I Rex)

Vor? What is it good for? Quite a lot actually! A lot of the time when a release purporting to be “sludge” hits my inbox or doormat I am dismayed. Usually folks are so busy with the big riffs and… Continue Reading →

Demetra Sine Die – Post Glacial Rebound (Third I Rex)

With the album title in front of me I expected Demetra Sine Die to be one of those gazing bands, all nice harmonies and looking out over a shimmering plateau of ice. Yeah I suppose there’s a little bit of… Continue Reading →

Krieg – Transient (Candlelight)

It’s coming up to two decades since USBM stalwarts Krieg started on a career which has seen some of the harshest black metal ever shat out the bowels of all that is unholy. Their 2002 release ‘Destruction Ritual’ was my… Continue Reading →

Twilight – Beneath Trident’s Tomb (Century Media)

Nobody would really have expected that this USBM meeting of minds would have made it to a third album and be signed by Century Media when they released their debut self-titled album back in 2005. It was an album that… Continue Reading →

Mord ‘a’ Stigmata – Ansia (Pagan Records)

If only there was another way of describing the various forms of ‘post’ black metal without being as totally dismissive and casually offensive as that description implies. It’s a label that’s almost impossible to get excited about and suggests a… Continue Reading →

Disappears – Era (Kranky)

Disappears get reviewed by the likes of Mojo which is not the case with many other bands I review I suspect. Strangely this snippet of PR info fills me with unease and my hipster bone begins to ache in warning…. Continue Reading →

Cold In Berlin – And Yet (Candlelight Records)

The second album from thisLondonact is the first one since signing to Candlelight. Having never heard of Cold In Berlin until this came in, I have to say from looking at their website they strike as being a similar “hipster-friendly”… Continue Reading →

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