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Armored Dawn – Barbarians In Black (AFM)

So I took a look at that cover artwork and expected something like Tyr or Ensiferum. I read that Armored Dawn are from Brazil, so armed with that extra info changed my guess to folk-tinged metal like fellow South Americans… Continue Reading →

Brutai – Born (Transcend Music)

Thanks to considerable publicity, I have read a lot about modern metal band Brutai and was surprised to learn that this is their debut album. I was particularly interested in this release as they are due to play at ProgPower… Continue Reading →

Obdurated – I Feel Nothing (Mighty Music)

This album seems to be about everyone else except the band themselves. Just because they’re French does not mean that they have to sound like Gojira or Dagoba, but with that image stored up, the comparison is then drawn with… Continue Reading →

Amaranthe – The Nexus (Spinefarm)

The name Jacob Hansen seems to follow me everywhere I go. This former member of Anubis Gate is more noteworthy in my book for his production and mixing work with Mercenary, Volbeat, Arkan, Wolverine and seemingly countless others. He is… Continue Reading →

Dreamshade – The Gift of Life (Spinefarm)

My first task here was to get over my initial impression that “The Gift of Life” by Switzerland’s Dreamshade sounds a bit girly. My hang-up, I know, and not everything needs to be about crumbling edges, failed opportunities and ruination…. Continue Reading →

The Unguided – Hell Frost (Despotz Records)

Love or hate Swedish Melodeath, you may still remember a time when it was all rather fresh and new. Even if it wasn’t to your particular taste, you could at least say that people were trying something different and you… Continue Reading →

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