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Mesmur – Terrene (Solitude)

And relax… time for some funeral doom. You know the drill. Slow the metronome down to a heartbeat pace that would leave you clinically dead and hope for the best, right? Except that every time I return to this scene… Continue Reading →

Sorrowful – In The Rainfall (Solitude Productions)

Originally from León, Guanajuato, Mexico, the duo of I. Ishtar (Guitars and Drums) and Jorge Vergara (Vocals and Bass) relocated to Gothenburg, Sweden and have just released their first full length album on Solitude Productions. I don’t know about you,… Continue Reading →

Doomed – Wrath Monolith (Solitude)

Continuing Pierre Laube’s distorted vision of doom infested death metal is his fourth release and still possesses that despairing atmosphere of utter dread. Thematically the album is similar to the last one with the cover art being a nightmarish scene… Continue Reading →

Dryom -2 (Solitude)

A grim and grey industrial landscape cheerlessly greats us from the album cover here. I am not sure what Bryansk in Russia where this obscure entity come from is like and indeed image search shows it to be nowhere near… Continue Reading →

Oktor – Another Dimension Of Pain (Solitude)

Poland, musically a land of extremity, be it ‘Hate’ filled, church burning black death or absolute unforgiving grinding carnage. When it comes to doom and certainly that which is of the funeral orientated style it probably is not a country… Continue Reading →

Lachrimatory – Transient (Solitude)

Lachrimatory hail from Brazil and play some pretty serious atmospheric doom metal with heavy death metal undertones to it. Having formed in 1999 and released two demos, one in 2001 and the other in 2006, they released their first and… Continue Reading →

Septic Mind – Rab (Solitude Productions)

This is the third album from Russia’s doomy and heavily atmosphere orientated Septic Mind. This one, whose titles I’ve anglicised from their Cyrillic version, studies “the problems of insanity in modern society and apocalyptic expectations”. Deep and deathly tones resound… Continue Reading →

Doom:VS – Earthless (Solitude Productions)

Johan Ericson likes to keep himself busy, so when he is not doing his day job playing guitar for Draconian he has a number of other ways of keeping his creative side occupied. Alongside mixing and producing duties and session… Continue Reading →

Luna – Ashes To Ashes (Solitude)

One man, one track, 57 minutes. When I also mention that it is intrinsically instrumental funeral doom from the Ukraine and on Solitude Productions that may have all but the hardiest of fanatics running in terror but it would be… Continue Reading →

Crypt of Silence – Beyond Shades (Solitude Productions)

Whilst the political drama continues to affect the country, it’s no surprise that the Ukraine create so many bands fuelled with melancholy and despair. It’s time to add Crypt Of Silence to the list, who after five years have put… Continue Reading →

Restless Oblivion – Sands of Time (Solitude)

I’ve been a long-time fan of Solitude Productions approach to business, clearly sticking to what they know and trying to give wider exposure to the bands they put their weight behind. I’ve discovered many excellent artists within the doom spectrum… Continue Reading →

Shattered Hope – Waters of Lethe (Solitude)

It was just a month or so ago whilst doing some high level procrastination (rearranging my CD collection) I happened upon my copy of Shattered Hope’s excellent debut album ‘Absence’ and I wondered what had happened to them since. Clearly… Continue Reading →

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