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Borknagar – True North (Century Media)

Borknagar are ever-evolving. Never static, never predictable, defying labels and genres, a constantly morphing force of Progressive Extreme Metal that show no signs of stagnation. Previous album “Winter Thrice” was an absolute masterpiece that just gets better with time, but… Continue Reading →

Darkenhöld & Griffon – Atra Musica (LADLO Productions)

LADLO Productions or to give them their full moniker Les Acteurs de l’Ombre are certainly one of the go to labels for those searching out the best of French underground metal. If you are into black and doom metal their… Continue Reading →

Rendezvous Point – Universal Chaos (Long Branch Records)

As mentioned previously in my coverage of their debut album “Through The Solar Storm”, Rendezvous Point have a bright future ahead of them. With members who have been involved with some of the best in Europe’s progressive metal scene, Rendezvous… Continue Reading →

In Vain – Currents (Indie Recordings)

Anything with Jens Bogren in charge of production means high quality and high output. This is the man responsible, amongst others, for works by Opeth, Devin Townsend, Dimmu Borgir and In Vain. This is In Vain’s fourth album release. Sure… Continue Reading →

Leprous – Malina (Inside Out Music)

Watching Leprous is a highly visual experience – sharp movements, strong colours a heavily orchestrated, almost military in delivery. The music has always been at the original end of the progressive metal spectrum, and has become more knife-sharp in line… Continue Reading →

Fjoergyn – Lvcifer Es (Lifeforce)

Perhaps it’s just the subject matter – Lucifer in all his deceitful guises – but things with Fjoergyn have definitely taken a more aggressive and unexpected turn. These guys have always been known for their avant-garde take on black metal… Continue Reading →

Eternal Deformity – No Way Out (Temple Of Torturous)

Damn, it’s bad enough going through your mortal days with a boat-race like Joseph Merrick’s but you have to take it with you into the afterlife? Seriously though, if you took a look at this band’s name and thought as… Continue Reading →

Toska – S/T (Bindrune / Eihwaz Recordings)

There’s definitely something bubbling away in Iceland at the moment and, for once, it isn’t hot springs or tongue twisting volcanoes; it’s metal of the underground and extreme variety, particularly black metal it seems. Inspired by the works of Polish… Continue Reading →

Borknagar – Winter Thrice (Century Media)

It’s not really important to me what a band used to sound like, where they started or the genre that they were classed as – it‘s more about where they are now and just interesting (though not essential) how they… Continue Reading →

Rendezvous Point -Solar Storm (Karisma)

Formed in Kristiansand, Norway back in 2012 when all its members were studying at the University of Agder, Rendezvous Point are set to release their debut offering with some serious buzz about them. Featuring members who have been involved with… Continue Reading →

Grift – Syner (Nordvis)

Another Nordvis signing crossing my path, another name new to me. Grift are the vision of Swedish maestro Erik Gärdefors, his now solitary journey into the melancholic regions of blackened and doomed metal. Apparently inspired by the poets and artists… Continue Reading →

Interview – Solefald

This interview was originally conducted as a short news piece for Iron Fist magazine (available in all good newsagents and digitally). Naturally I asked far too many questions for the word count I had and much of this had to… Continue Reading →

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