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Moon Far Away – Athanor Eurasia (Prophecy)

384,400 KM to be precise and yes that is far away. Getting that out the way, here we have some gorgeous folk music from Arkhangelsk Russia to contemplate but it is one where we are told East meets West so… Continue Reading →

Crowhurst – III (Prophecy Productions)

Better known for his immersive live solo performances that defy genre, and releases titled ‘Fuck You Morrissey’ and ‘Fuck You Bono’ (just two of the records from his 75 strong back catalogue), Jay Gambit is prolific within the noise scene…. Continue Reading →

Sol Invictus – Necropolis (Prophecy)

It has been a while since we last heard from Tony Wakeford and Sol Invictus. Indeed an announcement came that the prolific singer songwriter who has been steering this band through an ever-intriguing path since 1987 and practically inventing the… Continue Reading →

King Dude, Sol Invictus, Of The Wand And Moon – London Underworld 11/4/17

I had been looking forward to this one having never seen King Dude and loving his albums. Excellent supports made this a huge draw too and it was nice to actually go to a mellow show for a change and… Continue Reading →

Sol Invictus – Once Upon A Time (Prophecy)

Once Upon A Time in the deep dark 70’s there was a guy called Tony Wakeford who embarked upon a quest to recount tales of old English eccentricity and legend. He has been doing so ever since and has released… Continue Reading →

Tamerlan – Ain (Debemur Morti)

We normally get windswept black dissonance or strange pulsing ambient blackness via French label Debemur Morti but Tamerlan take us down a completely different acoustic / neo-folk route. This project is essentially the work of multi-instrumentalist Timur Iskandarov a Russian… Continue Reading →

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