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Morbid Evils – Deceases (Svart)

Morbid Evils – Deceases (Svart)

Last time I heard Keijo Niinimaa he was assaulting (in a pleasurable way) my ears with Rotten Sound. IF I am honest they were the band that opened the door back up to Grind for me, a door that had closed after FETO by Napalm.. Read More
False Gods – Reports From Oblivion (S/R)

False Gods – Reports From Oblivion (S/R)

I had clocked the name of this NY based bunch swirling around the ether of the internet and thought they must be worth checking out considering they are self-released and only have previous EP prior to this one. Also it was impossible to resist as.. Read More
Timeworn – Venomous High (S/R)

Timeworn – Venomous High (S/R)

My interest was aroused immediately when a melodic beat, accompanied by a strange and deep chorus, blended into an explosion of heaviness. The rumbling beat and progressive post metal thunder continue. From this opening it would seem that Norwegian band Timeworn do not worry about.. Read More
The Doom Doc - Connor Matheson (Film)

The Doom Doc – Connor Matheson (Film)

  I am a big fan of music documentaries – Rockumentaries if you will (thanks Rob Reiner). It is great to peel back a layer of skin belonging to bands and fans alike especially when that skin feels like part of your own.  Such films.. Read More
Poseidon – Prologue  (Ripple Music)

Poseidon – Prologue (Ripple Music)

If you’re not yet familiar with Poseidon, then I think it is time you changed that, and ‘Prologue’ may well be the album to help you. Developing from the single track ‘Omega’ that was released over a year ago, the band have clearly been away,.. Read More
Seer – Vol. III & IV:  Cult of the Void (Art of Propaganda)

Seer – Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void (Art of Propaganda)

It seems like only a few months ago that I was reviewing the first album by Canadian venturers into the outer darkness Seer, but a check on the clock shows that it was in fact closer to a year and a half since ‘Volume 1.. Read More
Bison - You are not the Ocean you are the Patient (Pelagic Records)

Bison – You are not the Ocean you are the Patient (Pelagic Records)

My first encounter with Bison, this – which, I must hasten to add is not the early 80’s American heavy metal band, but the troupe from British Columbia. I didn’t know that they had formerly been signed to Metal Blade records, but the accompanying blurb.. Read More
Beggar – Chainscraper (S/R)

Beggar – Chainscraper (S/R)

This lot from the SW of England but now based in London obviously like the EP format as they have been steadily releasing them once a year for the last 4 as well as building up interest with live shows with the likes of Slabdragger,.. Read More
Dö - Astral: Death/Birth (S/R)

Dö – Astral: Death/Birth (S/R)

There are some folks who actually read my reviews I’m told, and if you are one of those rare types, you may well have heard me praising the works of Deaf Hank, Big Dog, and Joe E. Deliverance, three individuals who when they come together.. Read More
Au-Dessus – End of Chapter (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre)

Au-Dessus – End of Chapter (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre)

Lithuania’s Au-Dessus promise to “push the post black metal borders out” with this album. What I heard in the initial stages was something akin to Novembre, building up in ferocity and intensity. In fact “VI” – “I” to “V” are contained on the band’s debut.. Read More
Ketch - The Anthems Of Dread (Aesthetic Death)

Ketch – The Anthems Of Dread (Aesthetic Death)

Hailing from Arvada, Colorado, a city built on the original site where the first nugget of Rockies gold was discovered in 1850, doom-dwellers Ketch have discovered something far darker lurking in their waters. Anyone dipping their sluice pan in this river will find a mixture of death,.. Read More