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Labirinto & Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – Ljubljana, Slovenia, Channel Zero 25/5/19

Australians Tangled Thoughts of Leaving released with No Tether one of my favourite albums of 2018, therefore I had to go and see them on their European tour. Ljubljana, Slovenia, was the closest show to where I live, so that’s… Continue Reading →

Psycroptic, Aversions Crown, Within Destruction, Hadal Maw, Hollow World Manchester – Rebellion Bar 6/2/19

When I saw this five band bill I couldn’t believe the brutality yet variation as four of the bands are from Australia (and came on the back of seeing the Aussie duo Parkway Drive and Thy Art Is Murder the… Continue Reading →

Dalkhu – Lamentation And Ardent Fire (Godz Ov War)

Dalkhu formed in 2003 and J.G is the modern Prometheus behind this beast that has spawned 2 previous creations, and now their latest sacrifice, in the form of ‘Lamentation And Ardent Fire’. Dalkhu have initiated a brutal blend of Black… Continue Reading →

Mist – Free Me of the Sun (Soulseller)

Ljubljana in Slovenia is not a city that springs to mind when it comes to Doom. In fact the only reason I have heard of this capital is because Laibach erupted from there decades ago. Unlike their fellow country folk… Continue Reading →

It’s Everyone Else – Heaven Is An Empty Room (Noise Appeal Records)

Hailing from Ljubljana in Slovenia the duo of Pika Golob and Lucijan Prelog describe themselves as “Too hardcore for the electro kids, too electro for the hardcore kids.” This may prove a bit of a quandary for some listeners but… Continue Reading →

Mist – Inan (Soulseller)

Originally formed in 2012, this Slovenian Doom Metal band had an all-female line-up, something that changed when current lead guitarist, Blaz Tansek joined last year. This 4 track EP has a rerecorded song from their 2013 demo with the remainder… Continue Reading →

Provocator – Antikristus (Moribund)

The cover has a black and white drawing of a demon wielding a chainsaw. Before you even get to band name and title if that alone doesn’t help you narrow this down to sub-genre never mind genre then you’re probably… Continue Reading →

Bleeding Fist – Deaths Old Stench (Moribund)

Slovenian black metal act Bleeding Fist has seen fit to release a selection of tunes previously unreleased and recorded over the period of 2011 and 2013 for your delights. Quite often the Eastern European countries unleash some of the most… Continue Reading →

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