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Malokarpatan – Krupinské ohne (Invictus Productions)

I think this band are truly unique and I am pleased to report on this their third album. Malokarpatan are from Slovakia and wander the dark corners of black metal, but with so much more depth. On their debut ‘Stridžie… Continue Reading →

Aeon Winds – Stormveiled (Avantgarde Music)

Being one who is partial to symphonic black metal and in particular Limbonic Art and Emperor with whose style this Slovakian band has been compared, this album was of great interest before I’d even heard a note. This is Aeon… Continue Reading →

Interview – Crippled Black Phoenix

We caught Justin in Bratislava, just before the soundcheck for Crippled Black Phoenix’s show. We discussed what’s different about being a musician at 25 and now, Brexit and what it means for British bands, the music industry, deals with labels,… Continue Reading →

Crippled Black Phoenix – Klub Kulturak, Bratislava, Slovakia 8/10/18

Bratislava, the capitol of Slovakia, is not an obvious beauty. The cold Socialist realism of the Eastern bloc with its massive, geometrical shapes is omnipresent in the city’s architecture. Highlights from earlier historical periods can’t subdue or neutralize its effect…. Continue Reading →

Hortus Animae – Piove Sangue Live In Banska Bystriae (Aesthetic Death)

I personally discovered Hortus Animae (The Garden Of The Soul) via last album ‘Secular Music in 2014 although the Italian band had been going since 1997. It came from an unlikely source at least for a ‘progressive black metal’ band… Continue Reading →

ONO – Reconstruction and Synthesis (The House Of What You See)

The only Slovakian music I knew about until now was by Abbey ov Thelema, and that’s extreme. If this monster from ONO, the band of a gentleman who operates under the name of Twisted, is anything to go by, this… Continue Reading →

Nevaloth –The Antagonist (S/R)

Anything to do with Abbey ov Thelema interests me. The duo that comprise this band are part of Nevaloth, another black metal band from Slovakia. I like the simplicity of the description of this album: “a conceptual work concerning the… Continue Reading →

Killchain – Where Is Your Saviour (Metal Age)

Slovakia’s Killchain have been plying their death metal trade since 2005, originally focussing on sounds of the old school. Along the way they’ve played with bands as diverse as Exhumed, Gorgoroth, Cynic and released two albums. Perhaps inspired by the… Continue Reading →

Abbey ov Thelema – Liber DCLXVI (Wraith Productions)

“I look forward to next instalment from this extreme and alternative band” was how I signed off “Prelude to Apocalypse” (2012). Well, the Apocalypse has arrived in the form of this 79 minute work by the Slovakian-Polish duo comprising Abbey… Continue Reading →

Phragments – New Kings And Queens (Malignant Records)

Minimalist. This is a short album, around thirty minutes in total split into six chapters, which apparently goes against the normal approach of this Slovakian duo of industrial, dark electronic music. Here they instead favour these slow motion ambient flows… Continue Reading →

Einsamtod – ST (EZ Produktionen)

First task is taking out the ancient grimoire of band logos here and looking up the arcane calligraphy to see what we have. Honestly, as far as the cover is concerned here you literally cannot see the woods for the… Continue Reading →

Skon – At the End of a Journey (Hexencave Productions)

Released mid-2010, ‘At the End of a Journey’ has failed to make much of an impression upon the masses, with hardly any reviews to be found either online or in print publications. Formerly known as Carpathia, it is without surprise… Continue Reading →

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