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Deadsmoke – S/T (Heavy Psyche)

Italian doom metal outfit Deadsmoke are a phenomenally heavy trio who blend the harshness of sludge with the low end worship of doom. With a sound described as ‘so downtuned and low it shakes the earth to its core’, the… Continue Reading →

Slabdragger – Rise Of The Dawncrusher (Holy Roar)

The name says it all really. Slabdragger. Immediately, weight and might spring to mind. We couple this with the words “Rise Of The Dawncrusher” and it’s hard not to salivate. Let us be under no false illusion, Slabdragger’s new offering… Continue Reading →

Limb – Terminal (New Heavy Sounds)

If you were to play Limb’s sophomore record ‘Terminal’ straight after 2014’s self-titled debut, without knowing who they were, you’d probably assume you were listening to two completely different bands. This isn’t the case, however, it’s just the London four… Continue Reading →

Ufomammut –Ecate (Neurot)

I will start out by helping you out. It’s pronounced “oofomammoot”. I am not being patronising. This is a moniker I have seen in print many times but never heard said aloud by anyone with any conviction.  It means UFO… Continue Reading →

Aeonsgate – Pentalpha (Church Within)

The place is Latveria, and on upon his iron throne, the absolute monarch of the country Doctor Victor Von Doom seethes within the armour that is his battle suit and second skin.  “How is it that I am again defeated… Continue Reading →

Byzanthian Neckbeard – From The Clutches Of Oblivion (S/R)

There isn’t much to do whilst living on an island in the middle of the English Channel (Guernsey) and luckily for our listening pleasure, Byzanthian Neckbeard have used this lack of activities to hole up in an abandoned bunker from… Continue Reading →

Clouds Taste Satanic – To Sleep Beyond The Earth (Kinda Like Music)

Sometimes this reviewing lark can be a real drag and seem like work, other times, a real gem arrives and restores a bit of faith in the music.  I’m glad to say, Clouds Taste Satanic fall firmly in the latter… Continue Reading →

Zaum – Oracles (I Hate)

Worshippers of the riffs of Sleep and Om, set down your bongs and take note; Canadian duo Zaum are about to become your new favourite band. The Middle Eastern sounding twang of the sitar that is the driving force behind… Continue Reading →

Purple Hill Witch – S/T (Church Within)

Y’know now I think about it I’m sure Purple Hill Witch was the answer I got when I did a ‘What Is Your Stoner band name’ internet quiz. Ahem. Anyway: Hailing from Oslo, and either named after a mound covered… Continue Reading →

Goatess – Goatess (Svart Records)

With a cover reminiscent of something out of Hellboy, Goatess’ self-titled debut certainly stands out. Titled The Birth Of Pan it features what looks like an unborn faun in the womb; strangely beautiful and pretty hard to ignore. What lurks… Continue Reading →

Balam – ST (Mordgrimm)

The first demo from Rhode Island five piece Balam is a slow burner of three lengthy tracks that span just over 30 minutes. Originally recorded in a session of just 12 hours, the quality of the material was so impressive… Continue Reading →

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